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“Today” by RetailBoy

So my good friend RetailBoy emailed me this evening as I sat down to my wholesome dinner of lobsters stuffed with tacos. Looks like he had a bad day. Sad face for him. Actually his face is always sad, he’s … Continue reading

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Gangnam Style…

Gangnam Style? What the Jumpin’ Jesus Christ is this horseshit?! Apparently this video has 5684 bajillion million hits on YouTube and in turn has been added to my list of reasons to die. It’s in such awful company as the … Continue reading

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Song of the day. Rolling Stones – Doom and Gloom

Yes! Yes! Yes! A new Rolling Stones song? Yes! I love this. Straight forward, nothing fancy. Just a little rock n roll in 2012 that has been DESPERATELY needed. Fuck you everybody in the music industry, especially you Will.I.Am. Your … Continue reading

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Get this…

Fun in retail. So get this! There I am at work being a miserable prick and insulting any colleague that has the balls to actually attempt to speak to me when a customer walks up to with a game he … Continue reading

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So it’s come to this… A City Fathers Clipshow

I start this entry self-applauding my highly obscure simpsons reference in the title. Word. Ok here’s the deal, this is our 300th (301st…whoops!) blog entry and we are coming up on our 1 year anniversary of entertaining you sexy people. … Continue reading

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Iv been thinking

So my friend Connor is a master of saying “Iv been thinking” and then coming up with something hilarious and genuinely thought provoking. I had what I would describe a “Connor : Iv been thinking” moment this morning. I was … Continue reading

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“How’d the move go Steve?”

“So there it was. Steves Landlord delivers the shot heard ’round the world. Steve is out of the high rent house. He’s got offers from ECW, The WWF, All-Japan, New Japan, Foster Court and all Steves gotta do is make … Continue reading

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