Just Sayin’ 25.9.12

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What is wrong with the people of Galway? Why can’t you walk in straight lines? Or at a normal pace? Seriously, it is time we discussed this.

Every single time I go from Point A to Point B I feel like just barging my way through these people. Seriously, learn how to walk. I walk at a fairly fast pace because I need to go to places, I’m not the type that walks slowly looking at everything around me…I’m moving from A to B. What are you lot doing?

Every day. Every freakin’ day I get stuck behind people walking really slowly on narrow footpaths. When I try to overtake there is another person coming the other way meaning I cannot walk past some idiot. Then, when my path is clear these idiots move to the side blocking me again. Why can’t you lot walk straight and at a reasonable pace! Then you have groups of people walking side by side taking up the whole damn footpath! They are walking towards me, they should be able to use basic common sense to deduct that we all cant keep walking into the same space. I try to continue my straight walk but I cannot as they won’t get the fuck out of my way! You can see me! One of you slow down (you love that) fall in behind your friend and get the fuck out of my way!!! I have to walk off and onto the road to avoid you idiots. Have some manners and realise you are in a group taking up all of the space for other people. Do you drive to work side by side? No. That would cause a gigantic road traffic accident…same principle applies. Use your minds group walkers!

Now, that’s just a minor thing. Try walking down shop street at any time of the day. For those of you that don’t know shop street in Galway – it is essentially a large and wide pedestrianised street where lots of shops sell their shit. It is also the most impossible street on this earth to navigate. Everybody just slows down even further and then wanders from left to right without a care in the world for people who actually have to get to places. Imagine this. Imagine a large rectangular pipe and take the top panel off. It should now be U-Shaped if you will. Take five thousand chickens and cut their heads of. Then throw them into the U-shaped thing and boom! You have shop street. Don’t even get me started on the “performance art” hippies standing in the way of people slowing it down further.

If they are not walking slower and slower they are wandering from side to side on the phone or generally acting like a child in a toy store. It’s time they put human traffic lanes on that street with police poking people with electronic batons to hurry up. The elderly shall be given go karts and children will be banned. Galway residents…hurry up, use your legs like the rest of the world or get the fuck out of my way!!!

Just Sayin’


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