The Princess and the Pe..nis


Some cheese eating surrender monkey mounted a sniper lens to the top
of the Cannon equivalent of the Hubel telescope, hung out of a helicopter
and got a daring snap of a pair of, and lets be crudely honest here, decidedly
average breasts from a hundred miles away….. well whoop di fucking doo.
Whatever your take on the situation(and I guess mine would err on the side of the horrendous invasion of privacy camp) is this really worthy of front page news anymore? Jesus wept “are there still any human beings out there that are
actually unaware what a pair of lady breasts look like?”

The diffusion and dissemination
of precisely that information is what the Intertubes were invented for in the first place!

MMMmmmm….. baps.

Perhaps an even more pressing question would be in the age of internet and instant media why the hell are people paying hard earned dole money on quote/unquote celebrity shit rags like “Closer” magazine and its equivalents in the first place? Where are the morons that buy this shit so that it remains financially viable and how do we, as a society, rid ourselves of them?? Are people so bloody jaded in their own lives that this is what passes for entertainment?

Have we really become so distracted or worse, disconnected from reality and the actual world around us we value these “celebrities” and their jiggling body parts above all else?

Alas I possess not a single answer to one of the questions, I can only hope my musings help to highlight the appalling situation we find ourselves in…

I shan’t sully the the good name of THIS fine publication by digging up the relevant images and reproducing them here as personally I find this stuff crass and pointless, but if I may I will leave you with the following:

The question must be asked, at this very moment is there a cretin whacking off in his neighbours camper van to grainy long-range topless pictures of Kate Middleton, and If so does this qualify as the very definition of a “Posh Wank”?

I don’t get it?? Do you get it?

The Scarlet Pumpernickle

P.S. Im currently toying with the idea of propagating the rumour that Middleton orchestrated this whole shitting situation so people would stop endlessly referring to her sisters bloody arse….

Who’s with me?


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We sit around all day stroking our beards, clucking our tongues and discussing what's to be done with this Homer Simpson
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