Rory Mcilroy shite

So I read this morning that Mcilroy had decided to declare for Team GB for the next Olympic games. The comments on the site I saw were in the line of: “A bit disappointed but it’s up to him, he can declare for whoever he wants.” I didn’t see much outrage, I don’t think any of the reports were suggesting outrage either, there wasn’t much commentary on the news sites I saw, other than just reporting what Rory had said himself in his post tournament interview. He then released a long statement which started with him declaring how successful he has been and that people are hung up with his identity etc. that’s the gist of it anyway. Which I interpreted as a guy who has a massive ego. People are reporting what you yourself said ya fuckin’ idiot. You were asked the question after this great success (as suggested by you, personally I don’t give a shit about golf so it doesn’t register with me) and you chose to answer it. With the world watching, including Irish people you CHOSE to answer. You could have said then, “Oh I don’t want to talk about 4 years time, I just had a great tournament and want to take that in and focus on today” But now you answered when the focus was on you and of course people were interested in what you were saying and with the occasion the declaration would be seen as boon for GB.

Frankly I don’t give a shit about golf and really don’t give a shit about Mcilroy. I took a passing interest in him over a year ago just because he’s my namesake. There’s not too many famous Rory’s in this world.  After he choked in the Masters he started coming across as a complete asshole in his interviews. He sounds like a pompous ass, the kind of guy who likely was pampered by his parents to pursue a career in golf. He reminds me of Stephen Hunt, if you’ve read his newspaper column you’ll know about his sense of self worth. That he deserves every penny of his wages because he use to go out and kick a ball around every day for hours. I did too, I did it for fun. The difference was, when I turned 12 my ass was put to work rather than allowed to keep having FUN by kicking a ball around with friends you egotistical dick. That goes for you too Stephen Ireland you walking turd. Now I’m not bitter, I don’t have ill will for all professional athletes. But I do take issue when they act like their shit doesn’t stick and they are owed their success. The most admirable athletes are the one’s that remain grounded and are gracious.
My advise to people like Mcilroy that are completely delusional and up their own holes is sit back and get some good PR person to do your talking for you. They will put a positive spin on your awful personality and make you even more money. Keep on going the way you are and you won’t only lose your Irish fans which must be somewhat important to you because you released that two faced statement, you’ll lose more and more fans worldwide from exposing yourself as the asshole that you are.

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