A call to arms.

Ok here it is folks. We enjoy entertaining you on a daily basis, we have made you laugh, cry, poop, hate students, love students and so many other things and we do it all for free. I guess you have always been thinking “What’s the catch”…but there is no catch. I, Steve, am just asking for a personal favour.

You see this evening I was in Tesco (A supermarket for our overseas pals) to do my weekly grocery shopping. I loaded up my basket with all the manly stuff for my cook, George Foreman, to weave his culinary magic upon. I stocked up on sausages, burgers, bread etc and after a quick stop at the yogurt aisle to laugh at people buying said non-food I moved to my favourite section of the store…the cereal aisle.

I work close to a 50 hour week including this blog and the rest of my free time is split between boozing watching football and hanging in the cereal aisle. I love spending a long time choosing which cereal will grace my cupboard for the week. There are just so many choices and I regularly break down in tears trying to decide.

20120827-071615 p.m..jpg

My feeble mind was not ready for what I saw in Tesco this evening. I ran around in circles screaming Yes! Yes! Yes! After 36 members of staff tackled me to the ground I composed my self and picked up this box. Ladies and Gentlemen I gave you the greatest breakfast invention since some guy burned bread and proclaimed it as Toast. I give you The Lion Bar Cereal.

20120827-072404 p.m..jpg

Look at that! Look at that! I knew one day a company would invent a cereal whose customer base would be solely myself, it was only a matter of time before my cereal obsession payed off. Today is that day. Now, this is where I need you… “Steves People”.

I understand that the demand for this cereal will be fairly low and this worries me. I have already had two bowls of this and I feel warm and fuzzy inside. It is amazing and I never want it to end. I work in a similar style store and I know how these places work. If it doesn’t sell it will be put on an end and sold off for nothing and will never come back into stock…THIS CANNOT HAPPEN! I can only buy so many boxes myself with the crappy wages the blog pays me. I am sick of giving sexual favours to the secretary for cereal money so I need your help. I don’t care how hot she is, it’s demeaning!

If all of you simply buy a box each week for a month Tesco will spring into action. More sales equal more stock. More stock equals more space. More space equals more Lion Bar cereal for me! Come on, I need this. Please?

So rise up and give back to the City Fathers…well just me but still, come on.



About thecityfathers

We sit around all day stroking our beards, clucking our tongues and discussing what's to be done with this Homer Simpson
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One Response to A call to arms.

  1. cd says:

    I keep looking at that thinking to myself “man id love some of the sweet chocolate caramel goodness on my tastebuds” but the wife is always like “Oh my God, Lion Bar breakfast cereal, thats gross, how bad is that??”…..and Im all like “totally, I know…right?”
    If only she new of my burning desire…. Thats it. Its time to stand up and be counted. Next week during cereal shop im gonna punch my wife square in my nuts and buy that cereal

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