A Quickie with Steve 4!

Ok another quick one for you. So I woke up hungover on my manchair this morning. The TV was still switched on from last night and Friends was just starting. As I made my hungover moves towards the kitchen I tripped a bit and fell on the couch…rendering me helpless.

20120818-112308 a.m..jpg

So I was half asleep on the couch while an episode of friends was on, it ended and another started…this is where I was really struggling to stay awake. I started to fall asleep as the episode gets going, an episode that I now realise was a clip show.

Intermittently throughout the episode I would wake up for a few seconds then doze off again hearing only a few seconds of dialogue at a time. But here’s the problem! Because it was a clip show those few seconds were from loads of different episodes…this confused poor sleepy hungover Steve! I was convinced that I had slept through dozens of episodes!

Then my crazy brain became very worried! I was sure I had slept for years, seasons were changing outside the window and technology had advanced beyond recognition. I was afraid to look at my phone incase I had four hundred and sixty three missed calls from work wondering why I was twenty four years late. Then came the worst part. I convinced myself I had died and freaked out about the fact that I had my laundry day boxers on…the faded ones with the holes in the elastic waist band. I thought about my poor mother having to explain to the coroner why I had old boxers on while they stood over my badly decayed corpse. This snapped me out of it!

When I took a fearful look at my phone to check the time it became clear that only 35 minutes had passed and it was very clear that I am a mercurial genius when it comes to freaking the f**k out. So that was my Saturday morning.


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We sit around all day stroking our beards, clucking our tongues and discussing what's to be done with this Homer Simpson
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