Governing Galway

I’ve been reading that over the last couple of nights in Galway that there’s a new cat in town that took charge in the local Garda Station (Police) and he’s causing a bit of a ruckus. Some of the boys in blue went around the town and shut down the pubs at 12:30am, usually several of the pubs stay open until 2am. There’s been a lot of hear say stating that due to the economic down turn pubs did not renew their late night licenses and also that there’s actually an old law in place stating pubs cannot be opened past 1:30am. The confusing thing is why do it now when the economy is completely in the tank and Galways pubs are one of the one of only thriving means of business. Why condemn the whole town like that? Also it’s pretty telling that the first night of this newly invokved policy was on Tuesday night.

This past Tuesday night marked the annual service night out. The people who work in the retail and service Industries in Galway get the chance to all go out together and let their hair down after a long, difficult summer festival season serving others letting their hair down. The night was ended abruptly for many of these hard working people. Obviously the Gardai in charge was unaware of this or just didn’t care, either way I think that’s pretty shitty of him. Something I don’t really get is if they have the resources to go around and close the pubs, why for years have there been either no Gardai patrolling around the city at night or just 2 or so at once. If these resources are there, would it not serve the local enconomy and residents of the city that these cops do their job and serve and protect the people rather than impose the will of others. If it’s in an attempt to curb anti-social behavior why not have the gardai out on the streets rather than going into the pubs closing them. If it’s due to cut backs due to hours being changed for the Gardai, why not change them again so there’s a cross over later in the day. Maybe it will only be certain week nights but still, Will it have an adverse effect on the town?

Anyway this whole thing got me thinking. If it is true that there’s a policy stating all pubs must be closed at 1:30am, why haven’t I heard of this before? I read the local news every day. If I haven’t heard of it, how many others have not? Who put this policy in place? How long would it take to change that? I bet a while! Is it possible this policy does exist? Absolutely? Is it possible it was passed in a secretive way? YIP!

Which got me thinking even more. In a democracy we vote every few years and have little recourse after that. The politicians have free reign to make a complete balls of it and scheme with others who are meant to be imposing the will of the people but tend to be completely self serving. The only will of other people that they do tend to are the ones who have the euros. Money talks.

In my opinion the government should be there to impose our will. Here’s a completely half baked idea. The population of County Galway is around 80,000. More than that vote each week within an hour when watching X-Factor. Why not include the people more in the decision making process? Technology is such that it should be possible, I’m not saying that it’s not without it’s problems and it would need some serious planning to implement it in a transparent and secure way. But why the hell not? Setup the system once, pay for the initial setup and then it’s just a case of maintaining it which would be relatively cheap if they don’t do the usual public sector shennanigans and claim a project that should cost 100k costs 2 millions and overruns by months. No more of those useless council meetings discussing this BS when some people in the town are still at work and have no way to attend and have no view of the process. Sides of debates can make videos of themselves presenting their side of the argument, making things more concise with less bullshitting on tax payer time. People vote and get one vote each. It can be done. At least that way we can be assured it’s the people that are fucking things up and not the overpaid politicians.

There could be a forum for suggested issues for discussion. Get some independent arbitrators to audit at random intervals yearly. So then for example if the Gardai start closing places down and that becomes one of the most discussed topics, it should be presented why it’s being done that way and give other options, put it to a vote. To cater for the elderly there should probably be a phone voting system too but that’s not beyond the realms of possibility and also is not too expensive. Of course it would be a social experiment that could go wrong but the system is already broken so why the hell not? What do yee think? Too crazy to work? You wouldn’t go for it because your local councillor sorted you out with getting broadband, off-license, lottery rights, grants in your area? Lots of holes in this but something to think about and typing it out kept me out of trouble for a few minutes.

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