How Girls Are Destroying The World

Hold on now, don’t fly off the handle just yet. I don’t mean women or females. I mean ‘girls’. Be they the girls who are young and stupid or the girls in their 20’s, 30’s and older that just can’t let go in some shameful attempt to seem like they are still on the cutting edge of pop culture. When it comes to guys, I despise lads, they are the spikey haired, nasaly voice, striped t-shirt wearing A-holes that have infested my gender. But back to the girls. I posted the following on my Facebook page last week:

What suprised me was one of the comments on my status update from an intelligent, quiet, soft spoken, articulate guy:

“Best status I have read in ages. Add to that ‘gender quotas’ as if men weren’t losing out enough in this recession/depression.”

I’m a cynic, always have been and always will be. But seeing this guy who’s been nothing but positive any time I’ve met him seemingly being pissed off with all of the above I thought maybe if I blogged about this it might resonate with others. I don’t agree with everything he said but feel his frustration.

It was kind of an off the cuff thing. I’m over here all on my lonesome and just posted what I was thinking at the time. I was reading about 50 Shades of Grey. For some reason the reporter thought it was relevant to list the different girl celebrities that have been reading it. I then see related stories with Headlines of “*insert shithead celebrity name here* reads 50 shades of grey before getting down with her man” or “*insert shithead celebrity name here* admits 50 shades of grey did nothing for her.”

My former housemate switched me on to a show featuring Charlie Brooker going on about celebrity, pop culture and media. That started to make me think in a different way, I didn’t just see how shitty everything has gotten, I noticed a pattern, it wasn’t the aim of the show to highlight that the majority of shameful things that appeared in the papers and on the news over the last few years have been perpetrated by figures who’s main fan base are girls. Be it Geri Haliwell stating she brought peace to a war torn third world country by simply being there or Jade Goody becoming the darling of the media before her untimely death. It made re-analyze the things that piss me off about pop culture.

I can remember when I was younger Nirvana, President of the United States, Pearl Jam, Bryan Adams, Bruce Springsteen were among the names of musical acts that would get the number 1 spot on the Irish charts pretty regularly. Blur and Jamiroquai would have been considered pop. Then around the mid 90’s there was a gradual shift..The Macarena, Spice Girls, Boyzone, Mousse T, Peter Andre that god awful Sex on the Beach song. We weren’t without our horrible cheesey novelty songs at number 1 like that Star Trek song and Zig and Zag etc. but I equate those to Bob the Builder or The JCB song which I can take in small doses, it’s good for kids and harmless. But things took a huge slide from the late 90’s until now. We went from the Spice Girls boasting about Girl Power all the way up to Rihanna who’s show in Oslo was reviewed in a local paper with the headline How many sexual positions can be simulated in 60 minutes. Who buys their music? Going by the music videos I would think it’s meant to appeal to randy teenage boys but the demographic is girls. Young girls in primary school and secondary school. Older girls who buy it to play at their shitty house parties or dance like strippers themselves to in a nightclub. I blame the current musical abortions on the girls.

Television. What shows have become the big global successes over the last 10-15 years? X-Factor, Pop Idol, American Idol, Sex and the City, Friends, Big Brother, I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, Jersey Shore, The Only Way is Essex, My Super Sweet 16, True Blood etc. etc.. Ok, Ok. But most men like football and that’s always on. Not all men like football but I’ll give you that. A lot of women watch Soaps and that’s always on. So they cross each other out. Tough Luck! Girls don’t get off that easy. I will say luckily over the last 5-6 years scripted television is starting to get some traction again. The Wire, Sherlock, Breaking Bad all give me hope. Unfortunately we can’t just forget Snooki, Jade Goodie, Jedward, Peter Andre and Jordans relationship and the Vampire crap ever happened but we can make sure it never happens again. Don’t accept mediocrity. Intelligence is to be reveered, not mocked. Look at the above picture! That is the act of two guys who have nothing to fall back on, their star isn’t shining so bright and they are desperate to stay relevant. This is the society we live in.

Printed Media. I had an ex girlfriend who bit me on the nose once because she read that it drove men wild in fuckin’ Cosmopolitan magazine. Girls!! Stop buying trash, you are contributing to the spread of pure bullshit. If a magazine has a cover of a girl or guy who’s claim to fame is being in a sex tape, having a famous parent, being a pop star or was on a reality TV show. Do not buy it! You are encouraging idiotic behavior and glamarouzing being a pile of shit.

It’s the most worrying when there’s girls in their 20’s and 30’s buying into this shit because it makes me think the next generation is going to also be more into celebrating complete talentless morons. My hope is that these trends are cyclical, being loose and protraying yourself as an idiot will become out of fashion and girls will change their ways and stop shaming their gender.

Boom! So whatcha think?


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