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Lyrics in 2012 – Whiley “Heatwave”

Yesterday while on my lunch break my good friend Philip sent me a text message that reads “Today Fm now”. As I was walking towards the rainy city centre of Galway I could not access the radio but he rang … Continue reading

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Quitting Smoking…so very difficult

Yes, I’m giving it a go. Holy crap!!! Excuse me, Kirsty Gallager just appeared on my TV, she’s puuuurrrrdy! Ok I’m back now. Where were we? Oh yes the quitting smoking thing. Its very very difficult folks, easily the hardest … Continue reading

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America 6 months in

6 days ago I hit 6 months here. In 5 days time I will be half way through my contract. Not to sound like the typical spoiled little asshole who goes to Thailand and India soul searching but I have … Continue reading

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Song of the Day: Bad Ambassador

I was listening to this song a lot around the attacks of 9/11 so I kind of associate it with that but it’s a great song. The Divine Comedy..very under-rated. They are behind “My Lovely Horse” and the theme tune … Continue reading

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Song of the Day: Santeria

Always loved this song. It gets a lot of radio play here still years after it’s release. LOVE IT!

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New Website

Hello Everybody, Hello

I created a new website that I’d like to introduce you all to. It’s called Indecisive Eater, it’s based on Take outs in Galway City. I’m a pretty indecisive person and found myself trying to decide where to get food from with an ex girlfriend who was also indecisive so I came up with the idea for this site years ago and only now put it live for everyone else to try out. I only just created it so would love some feedback from any Galweigans out there.




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A call to arms.

Ok here it is folks. We enjoy entertaining you on a daily basis, we have made you laugh, cry, poop, hate students, love students and so many other things and we do it all for free. I guess you have … Continue reading

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