Song of the Day

11.02pm…Sunday Night. Galway Races.

As I look outside my window to see two drunk “people” kicking the shit out of each other I wonder where the police are. I know a lot of our readers are not in Ireland so this “people” reference will go over your head and I apologise, but wait around…the song is great!

You see I live near the only pub in Galway City Centre that serves said “people” and it happens A LOT. How that nice little old woman still has a license to sell alcohol is beyond me. I went up to the spare room overlooking the street to see what was happening. I shot a bit of video but I fear posting it as it would give away where I live…these “people” will fit me with a knife to the ear if I was found out.

So the police here in Galway are never anywhere to be seen and that’s why people think they can get away with this bull. I clearly have been living in this area of town too long to notice this. I could actually run outside completely naked screaming racial slurs, kicking innocent animals at the wall while selling drugs to school children holding a burning Irish flag on top of an flaming armored tank with nazi logos on the side and they still wouldn’t be around to notice. It is actually insane when you think about the level of tourism this town enjoys. Ohhh Galway.

As much as I love Galway and as much as I never want to leave this place…damn this town!

Here is John Hiatt with “Damn this town”.



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