BBC Bullshit

Back in 2003 times in Ireland it was explained to me that Sky News, Fox News and CNN were bias and they never tell the truth about the war effort and to BBC are the only ones that tell the truth. Of course I had to take that with a grain of salt when it was said by a guy who said he’d have asked people going to vote in the US election who they were going to vote for and if they said Bush he’d shoot them dead. Anyway, I had freeview channels at the time so I actually found myself relying on BBC News and RTE News. RTE being Irelands National broadcaster which should be without bias and report in a balanced fashion but does anything but. And the BBC which is the English National broadcaster which is the same but even to more of an extreme. The tipping point for me on the BBC was one day watching at lunch time when they had 3 different stories. A man who’s stall was destroyed by a bomb, US obesity and then the anniversary of the Wright Brothers, which they showed a montage of aviation ending with a shot of US fighter jets explaining that they had been turned into deadly weapons by the US.

Anywho, I read this morning that the BBC are up to their old bullshit again. They were shrowded with controversy a couple of years ago, when it was suggested some of the information for Climate change put forward was compromised, the BBC were one of the loudest voices championing these scientisits. Well this weekend they ran a story saying that 97 percent of Greenland has melted. Come on Buddy!! Come on Budddddy!? How could that be possible, the west of Ireland would look like Venice right now. Don’t be daft you fuckin’ idiots. Anybody reading this in Greenland care to tell us if your house fell into the ocean? The Danes fairly swept that one under the carpet!! Anybody who thinks the BBC are the be all and end all of journalism, slap yourself for me. I’m not saying the ice isn’t melting and that Global warming isn’t happening just that BBC are sensationalists assholes. Maybe they saw this video and got excited



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