Olympics Me Hole

I didn’t have much to do last night since I don’t drink any more and years of relying on alcohol as a social crutch as turned me into a recluse. So I made the horrible decision to watch the opening ceremony of the Olympics in London. Here’s my comments:

The Opening Ceremony sucked balls. That’s a few hours of my life I cannot get back and hope does not flash before my eyes when I die. I thought it was strange on Twitter when most Brits were shitting all over it and other non-Brits were building it up.

I guess people didn’t want to seem critical of another country and seem narrow minded or something. Not me, it sucked! Also did they CGI Rowan Atkinsons head onto the guy that was running at the beginning of the clip? The Queen couldn’t even crack a fukin’ smile. How did he call the girl to tell her he found her phone!?!?!?…The bit with the Corgis nearly gave me a seizure. It looked like the only place it would have been cool to see it from would have been from a few hundred feet above the stadium. Waynes World ain’t English. That guy did not invent the internet thought that may have been the mistake of the pundits rather than the organizers..I’m not sure. Either way they misrepresented it. He invented the HTTP protocol and web standards. Important but that’s not the internet. It’s depressing that they portray the great world changing Industrial revolution and show the respect show to the soliders from World War 1…then they go to two teenagers sending text speak messages to one another and listening to god awful music like Dizzee Rascal…yip the British Empire is no more alright! The lighting of the cauldron and the fireworks at the end were pretty cool but then they could have skipped 4 hours of crap plus it was no more spectacular than a Wrestlemania, there, there I said it!
Why no Fawlty Towers, Monty Phyton, also why not use a hologram of Freddie Mercury…I thought that was going to be a given.


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