A Cynicists Movie Reivew: TED

I meant to post this 3 weeks ago but it slipped my mind. I can enjoy Family Guy when I’m in a certain mood but for the most part I think it’s complete shit. I wanted to see this but at the same time had low expectations. That is why I was blown away by it. The movie was very funny, I thought the build up of the story was very tame and had thought jeez if this is how the movie is going to be it’s going to suck but it quickly changed. It’s some pretty vulgar stuff, I know the movie isn’t out over in Ireland yet so I won’t blow it for anyone…though it’s a comedy so what’s to be blown anyways. It was funny for about 80% of the movie, it wasn’t quite Airplane, Naked Gun, Major League etc. which would make you laugh all the way through, they tried to have some heartfelt moments in it which I suppose isn’t a bad thing. Mila Kunis isn’t a great actress in fairness..well she might be, her voice just kind of grinds on me. Marky Mark was very good in the movie. Voice acting for the bear was as per Peter Griffin…Because of having to hear Mila Kunis and having maybe a few too many soft scenes. I give this 4 out of 5.

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