The Whole Gun Thing

I purposely haven’t tweeted or posted anything regarding the Colorado massacre because I thought the only thing to really say about it, was how terrible a tragedy it was. I didn’t automatically think that it happened because America makes it too easy for people to get guns. I believe if somebody has the will and evil to do such a thing, they will do it and they will find a way no matter what. A former Arizona senator posted on Facebook stating that he felt somebody in the cinema should have done something and taken the guy out of it with their own guns. He has since been absolutely blasted by people on the left and on the right, in national media and in Arizona local media. I’m pretty unsure of what my stance is on the whole gun thing.

This is an excellent time for the reminder as stated on the site. These are MY views and not the views of my employers.

I think detractors of America will and many have as a knee jerk reaction gone for the old ‘only in America’ stance, forgetting only recent that some crazed asshole went on a murderous rampage in Norway, there was a siege in France, a man fired shots from the top of a building in Belgium and threw a grenade into a crowd and 9 people were stabbed at a gig in Dublin etc. etc. Evil is not unique to America.

Many have called on further regulations to be put in place and basically stricter gun control. Which of course there should be. People who oppose this champion the US constitution put in place by Jefferson and the founding fathers of the country. The line in the constitution is actually up for debate as it mentions an organized militia, which obviously not every Tom, Dick and Harry is part of and there for, should they be able to have guns? My second week here I had my first experience of seeing a gun in every day life. A guy had a handgun attached to his belt. The guy looked pretty rough and was hanging out by the pool area, pretty drunk. I kept my distance and made sure to know where the nearest gate out of there was. Then, what’s actually inspired me to post this, today as I got home and walked towards my apartment a guy got out of a parked car holding what looked like a pretty serious heavy duty rifle. He walked towards me and then was walking right behind me, he ended up walking into an apartment as I walked on but it gave me a very uneasy feeling to turn my back on a guy holding a weapon like that and the reality is in this state you can carry a concealed weapon if you pass certain criteria, so everybody potentially has a gun. I’m extra conscious of it when driving around here, I try to keep my head calm and not react to other drivers fucking up or acting the asshole because it takes one trigger happy fuck to make me sorry.

With that said, it might seem like a contradiction, that I say people are too quick to say it’s because guns are too readily available. If you give somebody a gun, it doesn’t mean they’ll shoot people with it. So what is it that makes people do what this asshole in Colorado did? He must have been crazy and from what I can see, in America if you have mental problems and do not come from a wealthy background (Which he was by the way so this is no excuse and no matter what, there’s no excuse for what he did anyway) you are left to suffer. Americans pride themselves on their can do attitude and I have to say the work ethic here is amazing but I think that’s even more reason to require a good mental health service that is accessible for everybody. If you are working as hard as people here do, that is a mental strain right there. Then unlike in most of Europe, when you fall on hard times here you are in real trouble. The government is not going to help you out. But people here don’t ask for that to be changed. The attitude seems to be that everyone should be able to become a success and basically you live by the sword and you die by the sword. You make your own breaks. That’s pressure! I can respect that but from my short time here, it’s obvious that people are very tightly wound with a fear for their jobs. But of course they’d have that fear, if they lose their job, then what?? A college education here is something that is earned, not something you are entitled to. Which in turn would make being in school here a very nerve wracking experience. If you fail an exam and heaveN forbid have to repeat the year, how in the hell could you afford it? If you can’t find a job after college here, you can’t just go on and do a Master or PhD as an out. (Not that everyone does that but I think a lot of people in Ireland do, some even just do it to get out of entering the workforce, better the devil you know)

Personally I’d like if they do make owning a firearm illegal because it makes me uneasy that people have them. That’s my own selfish stance. I think every household in Ireland has a shotgun but shootings are much more rare. I think the difference is the mental health and pressure on people here. A problem with trying to make them illegal at this stage is, the only people that will give them up are the people who would not use them in such a way in the first place. I could also see why, in certain places a gun is a good idea because of some of the crazy wild life around the place. If I lived somewhere like Arizona or Florida with a family, I think I’d own a gun myself for protection against animals like Bears, Bobcats, Mountain Lions, Coyotes, Snakes etc. I also get the pride and historic meaning of the right to bear arms in the sense I believe the context was that people could be prepared to defend themselves against another British type invasion or in case of a needed revolution but times have changed, weaponary has changed…Anyway that’s my 2 cents on it. Get rid of the guns but only because they creep me out. KISSES!


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