The Stupid People Factory

Galway City on a sunny day is a truly great place to be, I honestly would not pick another city on the planet to live during good weather. Everybody is in a good mood, beer gardens are full and the smell of BBQs fills the air.

My old housemate and I had a theory about Galway on sunny days and we honestly think there is a giant conspiracy being performed by the city council. Where are all of these ridiculously beautiful women during the rest of the year…seriously! We think there is a big factory somewhere outside the city, or possibly underground, where they construct these amazingly hot women and shove them out on the streets during sunny days for tourism purposes…prove us wrong!!! See, you can’t and now you agree with us don’t you? I just blew your mind.

But, unfortunately, the same goes for another type of person – The stupid person. Days like this see the dumbest and most primitive people known to man make their way to Galway city…if you live here you know who I mean. No need to go any further. Today I was asked some of the craziest question by some of the most Flintstone-esque people I have ever had the misfortune to meet. Here is a list of a few of the best ones, I am constantly shocked…still.

20120726-080125 p.m..jpg

“What is this Wii? She has a DS but she finds it boring, why does she find it boring?”
Uhh…I don’t know.

Is this the pinkest iPod you have? Are you sure you don’t have a pinker one?
Nope but I will speak to my head office about ordering pinker iPods in future. It’s seems like a great idea…

Is there anywhere around here that sells Rihanna CDs?
Uhh…I really hope not or il quit my job. We sell blank CDs, that’s better than anything Rihanna has released.

Are those all of the DVDs you have in stock?
Yes, that’s all of them.
Do you not have the new Barbie DVD?
Are you sure that is all of them?
Yes, that is all 50,000 of them.
F**king disgrace.
My esteemed apologies.

Here! Bathroom?
No…here shop…You…customer…Me Steven.

Now this one you wont believe but IT HAPPENED!!! 5.45pm today, I was so close to finishing but thank Satan I was still at work to meet this person!

What’s the difference between the 4GB Xbox and the 250GB Xbox?
That is the difference, nothing more.
Right well what is a gigabyte and why do I need more of them?
(I then explained why)
But what is it? Have you got one there to show me?
A gigabyte? You want me to show you a gigabyte?
Ya, you must have a few in the back room or something?
I, Uhh, huh? (her phone then rang and she answered it and walked away…giving me time to come up with this!)
This is a gigabyte I said.

20120726-083942 p.m..jpg

Luckily she realised I was joking and we shared a hearty laugh together as new best friends.

That was my day. How was yours?



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We sit around all day stroking our beards, clucking our tongues and discussing what's to be done with this Homer Simpson
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