Song of the (14 hour) day

I woke up this morning at 7am. I began work at 8am. I finished work around 7pm-ish. I then had to go do other stuff which leads me to here…10.15pm – finally home. I had my iPod on shuffle as I walked home and this little gem popped up.

It’s such a cool song and it has easily the most sarcastic lyric in the history of music. “Timbaland knows the way to the top of the charts. Maybe if I work with him I can perfect the art?

20120723-101815 p.m..jpg
Timbaland pictured here writing his latest classic “Shit yeeeeahhh, word. Bitches and yeeeeahh. Ahhh yeeahhh. Bling and shit, yeeeaaah. We in the club with our bitches and bling and shit…yeeeeahhh, word. DETROIT!! Yeeeaaah.

Haha remember Timbaland?! Good grief, what a time in “music” that was! I believe he comes from the Kanye West school of “I think I’m Dr.Dre but I’m just a talentless fuckwit…yeah, shit yo!” It’s a prestigious institution founded by two empty coke cans and funded by the stupidity of Sony Entertainment. Snap.

Anyways…I had forgotten this gem so I decided to share! “Pork and Beans” by Weezer. The video for this is fantastic but I cannot find a good quality audio version of it on the YouTube machine so you will have to deal with the crappy lyric laden fan video by some clown on the Internet. Look, deal with it. The sound is perfect! Enjoy!

That just happened,


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