Rory Went to Wrasslin’

Last Sunday I went to a WWE show in Phoenix with my girlfriend. She is not a follower of wrestling but did enjoy herself and why wouldn’t she? You see my ugly inbred friends, Wrestling is completely insane. It should not be entertaining but it is. It’s viewed by many as the lowest form of entertainment and perhaps that is true but I love it. It’s larger than life. Guys who are abnormally large pretending to hurt one another in a series of predictible bouts featuring the same tired finishes they’ve used a hundred times before. Many who are critical of wrestling think that the people who like it are oblivious to these facts and are just idiots for watching it. Worse still some believe the people who watch think it’s real fighting!! Those who think that are the idiots. Wrestling fans 9 times out of 10 know who is going to win the match before it even begins, they enjoy being a part of it. It’s the oldest reality tv show going, only it’s about fake fighting! The fans decide who becomes a star. Who becomes the champion and although the title holds little in the way of sporting accomplishment for the winner, it is actually sought after by the wrestlers. The Champion represents the company, they also get the most money, tend to sell the most merchandise of which the wrestlers earn a percentage and they also can market themselves as a former champion in the future if they are ever let go by their current company.

So to talk a little about the actual show for those interested. The US Airways Center is a pretty good venue for wrestling. it’s got a lot of tiered seating which is great because people tend to stand a lot during the finishes of matches and the entrances (One of the best parts of wrestling!)  While in line to get into the Arena I noticed the security guys were checking any signs people had made for profanity or unsuitable messages. I brought blank signs and a marker. They were taking blank signs too so we quickly scribbled TV friendly messages onto one side of each sign. One of which was “Bring Back JR” who was a commentator for the show who is still under contract but is not used. J.R. is one of THE best commentators of any discipline, the guy is amazing. If you don’t believe check this out:

A lot of fans believe JR is allowing himself to be mistreated by WWE time and time again but I like to think he’s very shrewd and is doing what’s best for J.R. by staying with the company despite not being used properly. A really cool thing happened with this sign also. I got a picture holding the sign and tweeted it to the man himself, who retweeted it. The tweet was favorited and retweeted by a lot of people. Here’s the picture:

Before the show even began the crowd was great. People shouting Woo! (An old Ric Flair chant) And also chanting Yes! Yes! Yes! (A Daniel Bryan chant) Unlike other sporting events the fans are actually a part of the show and people go there eager to support the show. It’s rare you’ll hear a wrestling crowd getting shit for being too quiet or being prawn sandwich eaters. As the show began, pyro set off and everybody jumped to their feet and started to cheer. This was my chance, I got my marker turned over my Ryder or Riot sign and wrote a little message from this very website. About 10 minutes later a smiling security guard came over and said “You knew you couldn’t do that, hand it over” and I did. I got it onto worldwide television twice though. Unfortunately I didn’t record the show as it’s PPV and can’t find a decent copy to grab a picture for yee. Here’s me holding it and also the crappy one for now, can’t even read it. I’ll get the DVD when it comes out and grab a good one.

The WWE really put on a great show. I had predicted all of the winners of the matches beforehand but I’ve been watching wrestling since I was about 4 years old. Shout out to my mother and my cousin Ricky for that! Between the pyro, the cool intros, the amazing athleticism and the fun atmosphere in the crowd, I think a WWE show such as this tops any other form of live entertainment. I’ve been to soccer matches, Rugby matches, American Football, Baseball etc. etc. I have yet to find anything that quite compares to attending a live WWE show.

One last interesting note. Did you know there’s an Irish wrestler who is currently champion. His name is Sheamus. He made his start wrestling in secondary school gyms on weekend and is from Lucan. His first night on WWE’s flagship television show RAW, he spoke Gaelic to a global audience. On the night he wrestled a guy called Alberto Del Rio, fans took the Yes chant and turned it into a “Si” chant for his nationality. My girlfriend and I tried to get a “Sea” (Shaa) (Gaelic for Yes..kind of anyway, it depends on the context :P) chant going but obviously nobody knew what the hell we were talking about..I did wait until it was quiet and shout “Go on Sheamus, Knock Seven Shades of Shite out of him” But I doubt anybody understood a word of that either. Anyway, I’m a sad little man in many many ways.

Biggest Pop of the Night:

In my opinion it was actually for Y2J. Ziggler got a great reaction, so to suprisingly did The Miz

Biggest Boos: John Cena, Vickie Guerrero and Ryback (Only boring chants of the night, sorry Ryback)


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