Playing FIFA 12 online : The Steve System

There are few things in life that I can say I am the best in the world at but destroying people at FIFA 12 is one of them. But not in the way you would think. I am ok at the game, nothing special. I can beat most people I know should we sit down to play right now or at least be competitive in defeat but I am borderline unstoppable online. I know what you are thinking and there is a reason I am far better online. You see dear reader, online play is vastly different for one crucial reason…you have never played this person before and never will again. Your mates have a chance to learn your habits and counteract your sexy methods but it cannot be done in a one off game.

Allow me to explain. FIFA 12 bugs are easily exploited if the person you are playing is unaware of them. My many hours of playing FIFA 12 have given me a decent amount of skill at the game but playing online is a far more of a psychological battle than anything else. I have destroyed people mentally and simply tapped a few goals in to beat players FAR BETTER than me. Here is what you do to be as awesome as me.

1. The 5 minute rule.

A largely known fact about the online play is that you can quit your game in the first five minutes and the game will not count. People use this to their advantage. NEVER score a goal in the first five minutes…he will quit. Suss your opponent out to see if he is any good, if you think he can’t hang with your mad skills pile on the pressure. It works both ways, if he quits AFTER the first five minutes you will get those sweet sweet three points…hammer those goals in sir!

2. Dealing with a player better than you.

This is very straight forward. If you notice that you have very little chance of beating a player it is time to frustrate him. The best players I have played against have a very particular pattern to their attack. A lot of the time it is the the old “striker – midfielder one two”. Take for example Real Madrid. 99% of the time they will get the ball to Ronaldo, he then will pass back to the midfielder who will immediately put in a through ball back to Ronaldo given his frightening pace and the fact that you followed the ball back to the midfielder leaving Ronaldo alone. NEVER, and The Rock means NEVER, follow the ball! Track the run of the striker and you will win the loose ball every damn time.

This is just one example of the common patterns players stick with. Another is the usual wing play while playing Bayern Munich. They run either Robben or Ribery (or both) down the wings and ALWAYS cross in to Gomez as he is a beast in the air. Force the players wide and put a little pressure on but never dive into a tackle as he will walk past you with either player. Give him no option but to take you on and he will, and I guarandamntee it, blaze it wide. If he does get a cross in…RUSH THE GOALIE!! Simple.

Those are just two examples and there are many more trodden patterns. Once the player realises his system is not working he will panic and switch to something else – something he is not confident in doing. Then you hit him with all you have and send him home to his mother crying. Word.

3. Exploiting FIFA 12 bugs.

This second in importance only to the above psychological destruction. FIFA 12 has many AI bugs that are easily exploited.

The main one is the bug I mentioned above about the striker – midfielder one two. This has been done to you many times admit it! If you hold the pressure button your dumbass defender will follow the ball leaving the striker free in space to slap that ball into your goal. ALWAYS stay with the runner if you are defending and ALWAYS try this tactic yourself! If he doesn’t pick up on it then it is likely you will get away with it multiple times. It is a sign of a bad player if he does not spot this. It is easily the simplest way to score.

The way you lay your players out in defense is going to directly affect the result. I personally pull the defensive line way back, basically right on front of the keeper. This seems defensive, almost Wigan-like, but due to the crappy AI it is vital. The AI will always push up needlessly so counteract that by pulling them way back…leaving them in a great spot (after they push up) to block shots/make tackles etc. This is key dear reader.

The other main one is the low cross. If you tap your cross button three times quickly in a crossing position you can drill the ball in low. If you do this while close to the touchline nine times out of 10 you will cause an own goal due to crappy AI. If not it will create chaos due to the crappy AI and physical impact engine. It’s a sure fire way to get a crappy goal that will hurt your already psychologically destroyed opponent. Toot on son, toot on.

4. Attack

Now that you have ruined a guys mental state it’s time to attack even more. He will become confused due to the fact that his tried and trusted ONE METHOD is not working. He will make mistakes all over the pitch trying new things and this is where you turn on the class. Hit him with everything you have, long shots, wing play, low crosses, passing through the middle…keep it mixed and he will crumble. FIFA players are creatures of habit and usually very lacking in creativity. If you try two or three long shots in a row he will rush out to tackle, fake a shot and go round him or simply lay it on for the next guy…or put in a through ball. Keep then guessing and they always capitulate! Trust me.

Now, you’re thinking “Oh Steve you sexy bastard, that all sounds like hard work and where’s the proof?”. Yes dear reader it is hard work but success is not easy. You need to do these things up around the top 3 divisions or you will be swallowed whole. This works…proof you say?? This is the result of THE STEVE SYSTEM…last night.

That is the result of my brilliance. People lose their minds if they are not allowed to play the way they are used to. It is frustrating to the point of insanity. Go with my system.

The Steve System has no flaw as it is multi facetted and is based around discipline and AI-exploiting counter attacking football… and of course destroying a guys mental state before piling on the pressure.

I am god,


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