Get This

Get This people, If you go to a pub here there’s no slot machine in the corner, there isn’t a bookies on every corner and you can’t play online poker. This is obviously a law imposed to protect people from themselves which in turn strips people of their liberties. Now get this! In the state of Arizona you can ride your motorcycle without wearing a helmet and it’s legal for people to ride in the back of a pick up truck. That’s right! You can get a ticket for not wearing your seat belt up front but you can sit in the bead of the truck without one and that’s deemed ok. These sorts of contradictions of policies aren’t unique to Arizona or even the United States but what the fuck is going on that there can be such blatant contradictions. Another crazy one, in Arizona you can buy fireworks in most stores, however you can go to jail if you set them off!!! So you look at the law banning them and that makes sense, it’s very hot here and they can cause a wildfire, the risk outweighs the good. But then why allow them to be sold!? So people can get some and drive 4 hours to another state to set them off?

I suppose in fairness with what everybody was telling me before I moved to Arizona I’ve found things to be pretty normal. It’s not the narrow minded, extreme right wing place that’s depicted by most. I’ve been here nearly 5 months and still have not met anybody who is actually born and bred from Arizona! There’s a lot they do better here but some shit they do here seems pretty strange. I like to bet online and play online poker, I usually play with 40 euro a year but can’t this year. I think you let people gamble, tax the companies a nice amount and make some money from it. Come on America!


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