Prick of the Week 11!

That’s right folks…it’s back. I shelved prick of the week a long time ago for two reasons.

  • It was destroying my life and opinion of strangers
  • It was TOO good.
  • But this evening, ohh dear reader this evening I had to dust off that award statue and announce it’s recipient. Join me won’t you?

    7.15pm Tuesday evening. I was walking home from work while listening to some new stuff I have recently purchased (I still buy CDs…I refuse to surrender to downloading music direct to the iPod) and loving it. Listening to fresh music is a thing I have really taken to…who’d have thought it?!

    I came to an area of the street 20 yards away from my house where the footpath is regularly blocked by service vehicles and delivery vans etc so I normally walk around the vans.

    I always look down the one way road before stepping off the path because that’s what it says to do in the “Safe Cross Code” and lord knows that document is air tight in terms of valuable content. I saw zero cars coming from that area meaning it’s safe to cross. WRONG!

    I heard a very loud beep… I looked up and had to, quite literally, jump to the side to avoid an oncoming van! Some absolute idiot was speeding toward me going the wrong way on a one way street…while on his phone! I would have been seriously injured or even killed if he didn’t beep the horn. Seriously, it was no joke.

    Letting go of the fact that he was speeding going the wrong way on a residential street and letting go of the fact that he was speeding going down the wrong way of a residential street while on his phone…HE GAVE OFF TO ME?! He rolled down his filthy window and roared at me for being on the road…. Now, some of you that read this will know me but most won’t. If I am correct about something and somebody is acting like a fucking idiot I WILL let that shaved ape know.

    I was shaking after nearly being hit by a fucking van and shocked that this clown even attempted to blame me for the incident so I didn’t think I had the energy to muster a response, but I did. I activated my rage muscle and absolutely tore into this clown. I called him every name under the sun until he retreated like a dog that just crapped on the carpet and drove off…down the wrong way of a one-way residential street. Try saying that sentence three times fast!

    Oddly enough figures were released yesterday stating that per head of population in Ireland – Galway has the least penalty points in the country. Amazing that this happened to me the very next day. What an absolute crock that report is…It’s a shame I wasn’t killed just to prove a point. On that cheery note, fare thee well dear reader.

    Drained it,

    P.S. If the man we call The Scarlet Pumpernickel is reading this…that’s why I didn’t show up for AstroTurf tonight…honestly…FINE I was lazy! Il be there next week I promise!


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