Song(s) of the Day – Thin Lizzy

Tonight I get to see my favourite band of all time by simply walking two minutes down the road from my house…for free! It’s a truly amazing thing when you think about it. Sure, it’s mostly new members but still Brian Downey and Scott Gorham are there so it’s all good! Song of the day could only be one (well technically two) today. This is my favourite part of a Thin Lizzy gig.

The Cowboy Song/Boys Are Back In Town…enjoy you sexy people.

Now, if you will excuse me, Im off to roam the streets of Galway looking for Scott Gorham…Mr.Gorham put on your drinking shoes because we are going for pints – you have no say in the matter.

The Cowboys life is the life for me,


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3 Responses to Song(s) of the Day – Thin Lizzy

  1. Yup. Got this ol’ one on my obsolete collection of vinyl.

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