A stupid person in a queue

Today I was in a sports shop on my lunch break picking up a few things. There were a few people ahead of me in a queue so as always I started checking out the talent, it was non existent. The queue was moving quick so I didn’t mind.

Eventually the lady on front of me in the line got to the till with a basketball hoop. She started asking questions about the hoop before taking out her purse to pay for it. She payed and was about leave when she inquires…actually hold on…I need to explain the box she had bought.

This basketball hoop was the type of one that you hang on a garage or the side of a house. It wasn’t the ones that are free standing. What I’m trying to explain here is the size of the box, it is a flat square shaped box not unlike a large pizza box…you with me?

Ok, she asks the lady at the desk “The ball is in the box too isnt it?

20120625-085614 p.m..jpg

How unbelievably stupid to you have to be to expect a ball to be in a flat box?! A tennis ball would not fit in there let alone a fucking basketball!!! Seriously! How does that person cross the street unassisted? I assume she calls in a third party to tie her childrens shoelaces. I imagine she sits down to dinner and literally throws her head on the plate to eat as using a knife and fork would appear to be a skill beyond her IQ. I really despair for humanity.



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We sit around all day stroking our beards, clucking our tongues and discussing what's to be done with this Homer Simpson
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2 Responses to A stupid person in a queue

  1. CD says:

    I dunno how to tell you this, especially after such a fabulous rant but we sell something similar, with the ball, its just deflated in the box:(

  2. Mammy says:

    Aren’t you lucky you had a Mammy that knew her Balls from her Boxes.

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