James Nolan

I posted a blog entry concerning the Ireland team a few days ago. In it I showed the great moments the Irish team have had in previous tournaments and I took the piss out of the showing at Euro 2012.

Tonight the body of James Nolan (a missing Ireland fan in Poland) was found in a river. I cannot in good conscience have the Ireland post still on this site without addressing this horrifically sad story. I feel awful for both him and his family and my petty little complaints about a football team really show that some things are more important. Life goes on for the rest of us but not the Nolan family.

I considered taking down the post but that was a separate point that needed to be made. I feel that having that petty post on here without addressing this news and offering some balance is unfair to life itself and I am genuinely wounded to hear that a 21 year old kid is coming home in a coffin when he was there to go on the beer and enjoy a few football games.

I had to post this. I cringe reading the Ireland post after hearing this news and I feel like an idiot for posting such a comparably meaningless thing while this guy was still missing. Sleep well sir.



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