Words fail me…and that’s saying a lot.

UPDATE! I have just viewed the video I posted… I apologise for the epic level of salty language! I was extremely pissed off at the situation and that’s how The City Fathers roll – we capture the moment. I am kind of embarrassed about the amount of f-bombs…but why? Am I softening in my old age? Fuck no…I just dropped way too many f-bombs. NSFW? Sure. NSFMammy?…you’ll need to move country. My bad.

Living in a house in one of the busiest areas of Galway had often led to crazy nights and mad stuff being thrown at peoples houses. Tonight however, I am actually shocked. I am lucky that my windows are intact and also lucky that I have a calm head…others would currently be brought up for assault charges.

I apologise for the vile language at the end there but that’s the way it is! Little pricks like these lads get away with shit like this. There is an elderly lady living across the road from me and a lady next door with a kid asleep…the cops are too busy policing their snack box packages to give a flying fuck about the residents of the city. Nope, sitting in their paddy wagons outside Supermacs for six hours is a better way to tackle anti-social behavior. Do I expect cops to police my particular street? Not at all, not even in the slightest. Just maybe try doing your rounds in areas other than Supermacs? Yes…go hassle people having a beer on the spanish arch or confiscate guitars from buskers or something like that? These people are clearly the reincarnation of Hitler himself. Obviously they are spreading Smallpox and god bless the Gardi for helping us fine Galway residents. They are clearly a social risk on par with drunk idiots throwing kegs at tax payers doors…fucking sick of this town.



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We sit around all day stroking our beards, clucking our tongues and discussing what's to be done with this Homer Simpson
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