Guest Blog by Scarlet Pumpernickle

To set this up, a friend would like to flex his blogging muscles and we shall provide the platform. Feast your eyes on this. Pretty much sums up my feeling on current pop culture. Enjoy!


So….. following on from tremendous pressure exerted by certain individuals with whom I cohort ( ok,there was no pressure,no-one even cared) I have decided to venture into the new and exciting and world of “blaaawging” ,something that has been at the back of my mind to explore for some time now but through a combination of lethargy and self loathing I haven’t bothered with.

Yet despite this new-found enthusiasm I find myself at a complete loss as to what to write about in my first foray into the unknown.

The old adage “write what you know” instantly springs to mind but I am profoundly aware that it is far too early in my blogging career to bring up the serious issues of sexual performance anxiety or biscuits and so I search for an appropriate theme. As with many of the other contributors to this website I too, over the past decade, have developed  vast and impressive career in retail and garnered an underlying hatred for the majority of the human race,along with many a fine anecdote yet I feel  each would be best  elaborated on at a future date.

And so I turn in my hour of need to easiest of targets, popular culture, or perhaps more specifically my complete inability to relate to ANY of it…

And I know this is an age-old dilemma people who reach certain age find themselves  in but seriously,what the fuck has happened to people??

Have you seen my record collection ted?

Speaking as someone with a personal music collection a large chunk of which pre-dates 1940, and as some one who honestly believes  music  hit its peak in 1979,its hard for me to comprehend chart music at this particular moment in the space time continuum. What really pains me, and should in my opinion pain us all, is deep down in my black little heart I know that there will never be another  Beatles, never be another Zeppelin, a Rolling Stones ,BB King, Aretha Franklin…. Their time is passed, their era but a fleeting memory lost in a haze bullshit and profiteering …..


Do you know who this person is?why?why the fuck do you know that??

“Celebrity” means nothing anymore. People become famous simply because they HAVE a face.

(and some because they don’t)

It used to be if you were really good at something and were, perhaps, someone people could aspire to be then you rightfully got recognised. But the advent of social media has taken this concept and completely bastardised it. Creativity and human endeavour have been replaced by a worldwide mooning contest, the uglier and more grotesque the better. No one ,it seems ,is entitled to a moments privacy anymore, we are all in a tiny fishbowl  that will eventually collapse into oblivion and take us all, screaming and writhing, with it,.

Whats more and  what is most terrifying about all this is that not only does nobody seem to care ,but that we have all gleefully signed up to this!?A prime example of the dystopian hell we are creating for ourselves happened early into the European football championship this summer  to this knob-end:

The instant this photograph hit twitter everyone knew his name. His sainted mother was on national radio the next morning admonishing his actions(the actions of a drunk horny twenty year old), actions I’m  thoroughly unsure I could avoid put in the same position myself.

We are headed as a society into a very precarious and PERTURBING future my friends …..but if EVERYONE becomes famous, does that mean that no one will be?


Do you get it?i don’t get it….

The scarlet pumpernickle


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