F**ked up dream

I have been meaning to post this for a few days now but I have been very busy sitting down then standing back up again. It’s a tough life being me.

On Thursday night I had a mental dream. I woke up on Friday morning at stupid o clock for work in a panic and covered in sweat. Thursday night was the night Spain took Ireland behind the bike sheds and gave them a good old fashioned rodgering and I was drinking heavily with some Steve-pals. On my way home I got myself a pizza and I believe the reason for the crazy dream was the cheese before bed? Thats a thing isn’t it? I heard that somewhere before. Any way, this is the fucked up dream.

20120617-010527 p.m..jpg

Ok the dream starts with me speaking on the phone to the president (who for some reason was Bruce Willis). President Bruce Willis called to congratulate me on getting my under 10 football team into the under 10s World Cup final. I explained to him that the town of Ballina was giving us a send off and we were to march through the streets of Ballina on our way to the bus station. All is ok so far.

The National School I went to is right beside the Fire Station at home and this is where the dream starts to get odd. Myself and the school principal walk into the Fire Station to ask for assistance in our march through the town. He offers to send out his brand new Fire Engine to give us a guard of honour and promises to get the local Gardi to help also. This is where it starts to get weird.

The new Fire Engine was white in colour and looked exactly like one of those little smart car things. It did stunts and regularly pulled wheelies. I am now very confused but it’s not like I can stop the dream?! The local Gardi show up to help in the guard of honour, motorbike cops at that, and we begin our walk through the streets.

I march out front and centre to the applause of the people of Ballina. My football team are loving all of the attention and each of them had beaming smiles, what a fine moment. Then as we are approaching the end of our walk the Fire Engine and the motorbike cops are pulling wheelies and trying to out do each other. We come up to a corner and the fire engine causes a crash with the oncoming traffic from the opposite side of the road.

Everybody stops and surveys the scene. Next, a car slams right into the crash ahead of us and flys into the air…leaping over me and slamming into three of my under 10s football team…killing them on impact.

Everybody freaks out and rushes to their aid. I am frozen still and hear a huge horn from a big truck that plows right through the crash site and slams through myself and the entire childrens football team. It goes black. A moment or two later I come around in the dream and look at the carnage around me. Dead children and parents litter the street and my sight is blurry. The sound of car alarms and burning metal is deafening, I am coughing up blood and both of my legs are no longer attached to my body. I try to move but can’t, instead I try drag my carcass toward a pay phone. I crawl on my stomach and try to look up. Just as I do I hear a car screeching and I see headlights coming right at me at a ferocious pace. I hear a massive bang and I wake up.

I was shaking when I woke up, bad times! I actually got out of bed to throw some water on my face as it disturbed me so much.

Never Drink and Dream,


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One Response to F**ked up dream

  1. unknown says:

    f***ed up dream??? sounds more like a scene from a finale destination film to me you should sell as a script for next film and live the high life of the proceedings

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