Fancy a quickie?

My good friend RetailBoy sent me an email on his lunch break today…enjoy!!

A quick one for you because I’m bored on my lunch.

So at work we have a headphone and iPod accessory section and there was a delightful human being browsing. He was trying on a few of the headphones and then this happened. RetailBoy will be played by myself, RetailBoy, and I will be referring to the other guy as “Arogant rude fuckwit” or ARF for short. Action!

ARF – “Hey”
No, ‘excuse me’ or ‘can I have some help here?’ No, just a straight forward “Hey!”.

RetailBoy – “….Yes?”

ARF – “where’s the music for these headphones?”

RetailBoy – “you need to plug in your iPod and then the music goes into the headphones…”

ARF – “Sher what good is that? Why don’t you have an iPod out here?!”

RetailBoy – “…because it would be stolen…”

ARF – “Well I don’t have an iPod or anything so how am I supposed to test them?”

RetailBoy – “Why are you buying headphones if you don’t have anything to use them with?”

That confused the poor lad and he scurried away to assault somebody else with his presence. People are fucking idiots. Ok back to the dream factory I go.

Wow…poor old RetailBoy must have had a really bad day!


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We sit around all day stroking our beards, clucking our tongues and discussing what's to be done with this Homer Simpson
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