The City Fathers Irish starting 11

I sent an email to a few of my mates to ask their opinion on the Ireland starting 11 to face spain on Thursday night…only Rory got back to me. The rest of you, you know who you are, are dead to me. We give you endless entertainment, we fill your lives with joy and the one time we ask for input you scurry away like little nancyboys…I am beside myself with hissy-fit style rage.

Ok so basically on Monday everybody had an opinion on who should/shouldn’t be in the starting 11 for our remaining two fixtures against Spain and Italy and I thought let’s open this up. The idea was to get a general consensus on what the fans want to see in the team, as only myself and Rory got involved it’s going to be tougher to do this so please leave your starting 11 in the comments below if you want to be involved…do it…don’t be a Seanie T (In-joke, hilarious in-joke…you wouldn’t get it because it is (as previously stated) an in-joke.

Rorys Starting 11 (4-4-2)


O’Shea Dunne St Ledger Ward

Duff Whelan Andrews McClean

Doyle Long

Rory adds… “Midfield is a shambles. Robbie Keane is past it. Time to bring in Noel Hunt and try to get some caps for him and then eventually have Hunt and Long. Doyle is good for holding up the ball and winning it in the air but he doesn’t do much else. Long seems alright in the air. McGeady can’t cross the ball at all, Whelan and Andrews wouldn’t intimidate a fly, we need an authorative type of player in Midfield. Fahey doesn’t seem to shy away for 50/50’s. I’d give him the nod”

Steves starting 11 v Spain (4-5-1)

Given (even though he’s not fit!)

O’Shea Dunne St.Ledger Kelly

Duff Fahey Gibson Andrews McClean


v Italy (4-4-2)

Given (still unfit)

O’Shea Dunne St.Ledger Kelly

Duff Gibson Fahey McClean

Walters Long

I honestly think we can come away with a draw against Spain if we go 4-5-1 in an attempt to suffocate the Spanish midfield…it can be done…

20120613-073549 p.m..jpg
and there is nothing stopping us beating Italy.

Whelan and Andrews are beyond useless so its time to try Gibson and Fahey in my opinion. I cannot understand why the more talented players never get a chance under Trappatoni. Robbie keane, unfortunately, misses out in my team. I am not (nor have I ever been) a Robbie Keane hater like most people. It is no accident that he has scored 53 international goals but the problem with Keane in the team is not necessarily his fading ability but the fact that he needs to be accommodated by wasting somebody like Kevin Doyle. The ball is lobbed up the pitch 567 times a game to Doyle to nod down to Keane, when it doesn’t work they repeat the act over and over.

With my lineup there are far better passers of the ball in the midfield which really changes the approach. Gibson, despite his many issues, is a great passer of a ball and can pick out runs for a pacey striker like Long with ease. Duff has lost a bit of pace but is still technically gifted and has the experience to judge the flow of a game. McClean…put this kid in the team. He can blow past players and put in dangerous balls to Walters/Long. If that option isn’t open he’s not afraid to smack a shot in. Take Keane out and use Doyle or Walters in the support role behind Shane Long, the midfield will be far more capable to cater to the partnership of Walters and Long. But do this against Italy and into the future…against Spain…flat back 10 and get out of there with a draw.

Ok so between Rory and I there are two major exclusions. Robbie Keane and our old friend Aidan McGeady. He is just awful and keeps the likes of James McClean and Stephen Hunt out of the team…it hurts my balls.

So there you have it. If you want to have your say please sound off in the comments and we will post your starting 11. You’ll be so famous. Trap will be announcing the team Thursday afternoon and I will be really interested to see how close all of us come to picking the team which will need, and receive, big changes…very unlike Trappatoni but needs must!

The City Fathers


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