Irish Radio inspires Song of the day? Huh?!

Something wonderful shocking happened today. There was a blast from the past on the radio today, an absolutely brilliant song that I had forgotten about!

I heard “La La, La, La…” on the radio…something stirred in me. It was the start of a song I love and NEVER gets played on radio. I distinctly remember listening to this song constantly growing up and I haven’t heard this song in a long time. Irish radio…yes Irish radio played Self Esteem by The Offspring…holy balls Batman!

Now, if you are one of our readers that lives outside of this little island you may not understand this. Irish radio plays the worst possible music all day long, often repeating the same songs every hour…it is hell! I’m sure you have cool radio stations in your country and I am very jealous. So for your benefit, I will try to explain this to you. Irish national radio playing Self Esteem in the middle of the day is like the people of Japan apologising to the United States for pesky little Hiroshima getting in the way of it’s Atomic Bomb. It just doesn’t happen.

After I picked my jaw up off the floor I decided to post it as song of the day. It is from the album “Smash” and you need to go buy it now…do it! Self Esteem by The Offspring, enjoy, I know I did!



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