The Morning Noise Parade

Living in the city centre of galway has it’s many advantages but it can be very noisy at night. Mainly to drunken idiots and our old friends the dumbass element of Galways student population who seem compelled to kick over bins and knock on windows, wasters both.

What you may not be aware of is the incredible noise created by city council workers in the morning. They are just doing their jobs so nothing you can do but some mornings it gets ridiculously loud! Count in the fact that I live beside two pubs that have keg deliveries at stupid o clock and you have yourself a fairly loud and shockingly prolonged festival of decibel…s.

This morning was awful. It had all 4 of my morning noise brothers.

  • The Leaf Blower Binman
  • The Bin-Truck
  • The City-Sweeper (The Morning Noise Machine)
  • Keg Delivery
  • Never before have all four happened within a few minutes. The leaf blower guy was right outside my door, the sweeper van (Which I call the Morning Noise Machine) was right outside my door and the Bin-Truck…right outside my door. The worst of the lot was the keg delivery. Due to the immense noise machine traffic on the road the keg guys ROLLED THE KEGS DOWN THE ROAD to each other…by kicking them! I am not making this up good sir. It was torture!

    Now usually I am up around 6.30 due to work so I wouldn’t mind the noise. Sometimes it comes in handy as a make shift alarm! (Haha Shift-Alarm…1.45 in CPs…Hiiiiioooooo!) This morning, however, was one of the few days I didn’t have to go to work until 10am, that’s a sleep in robbed from me. Past Steve, in his own sexy way, recorded this after the bad men went away.

    Cheers to Past Steve for having the idea to record that sexy audio, that handsome bastard usually causes my bank balance to run and hide due to his drunken hijinxs around Galway on the weekends but he has eventually done some good. I am so tired.

    I just wrecked your trousers,


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    We sit around all day stroking our beards, clucking our tongues and discussing what's to be done with this Homer Simpson
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