Song of the Day

Figured I’d go a different way with this one. 2 years ago or so I went to a gig to see a band I knew of called the Guggenheim Grotto. They were playing warm up for a lady I never heard of called Ingrid Michealson. She had 2 or 3 good songs. I remember going off her when I heard her play Parachutes that Cheryl Cole song…I though wow it takes some lack of pride to lift a song from an unknown British asshole. Turns out it was her song, she wrote it and let Cole release it. This lady seems to have a cult following in the US. Not much of a following back home, her song Winter Song was selected as a charity single for X-mas last year and did pretty good but due to the way Irish radio is she will not become any bigger than that. But here’s her rapping and singing. Skip to 47 seconds in…she’s doing this live.

Also even though she’s not stand out good looking, I have to say she’s got a sexy voice!!


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