Today I woke up to the news that my grand uncle back in Headford had just died. It wasn’t untimely in the sense he was quite old and had lead a full life but he had such a rapid descent in the last few weeks that it caught everyone off guard. My mother has been taking care of him for the last few years and my brother, sister and I have been encouraged to help him out with work around the house whilst growing up. One summer I only got part time hours working in my uncles petrol station so I was sent down to Paddys house to do some extra work for him. He’d always invited me in every hour for some brown bread, biscuits and tea. We’d talk about football and politics. He was a true gentlemen. He had lots of knick knacks around the house as he was an excellent craftsman that built a lot of his own furniture. He wasn’t the most popular guy in town or anything but I’d bet you couldn’t find one person on this earth who would have a bad thing to say about him. So that got me thinking about mortality and what I want to do with my life and the legacy I’d lie to leave.

I don’t care about having huge success. The only way you can be successful and leave a legacy is if you invent something or massacre a bunch of people. Nobody remembers the working class heroes. I don’t want to murder anybody and I also don’t want to be an inventor or CEO or any of that BS.  When you make a good salary you better do a good job you can’t have any off days and there’s more to life than work in my opinion. So success in my career is not my desired legacy. I like the idea that nobody has anything negative to think about Paddy and it’s a somewhat achievable goal for life. I’ve had people that have fucked me over in my life and I think I wouldn’t like being in their position knowing they had negative impact on other people. It’s not that easy I guess since people are flawed and prone to mistakes but I think I’ll try my hardest, I don’t need to be loved by everybody and the biggest presence in the room but if I’m not hated by anyone I’ve probably done something right. R.I.P Paddy



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