Drink Culture

I went on Twitter this morning and saw a tweet for a big wig in the IT world who had travelled to Ireland for a holiday. He just got to Dublin after spending a few days in Kilkenny. He posted a picture that was taken around 2:30 Irish time with the streets outside bars filled with people drinking. I worked with a bunch of German guys on a project before, one of them was a very nice guy and we’d talk about what our plans were for the weekends ahead. He’d usually be going ski-ing with his daughter, he’d ask me what I was going to do and I’d be honest and say I’m probably just going to go for a few drinks on Saturday. He said in Ireland it always raining so a pub is a nice warm place to be. I never thought about it that way before and kind of got that, I always felt that thanks to the weather there was less to do but then on a day like today when it’s hot and the first thing people do is go drinking outside, it takes away that justification for being a nation of piss heads.

If we ever have to compromise and increase the corporate tax rate the jig will be up because all those multi nationals that always stated in their press releases that they picked Galway because of it’s highly skilled work force will leave pretty quick. Who the hell wants to hire a bunch of drunks? Ireland wants another bailout? Who the fuck in their right mind would lend money to an addict? The dependence on booze probably correlates in some way with the manner in which the country so spectactularly crashed with the common man spending money like it was going out of fashion. I don’t mean to sound off on everybody in Ireland because I know plenty who drink and know their limits and get by just fine but there’s so many that see it as an escape clause. A few years ago the Irish were getting a really bad reputation in Crete, this year it’s Bondi Beach and Perth,  next year it will be Vancouver. We’re a nation of drunken idiots and it’s not going to end any time soon. No reason behind saying this as I’m just stating the obvious but there ya go.



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