Steves Cookery Corner

Living alone in Galway is quite an expensive way to live your life but it has afforded me the opportunity to be alone with my favorite person in the world…Me! It has made me a far more domesticated person and now I enjoy being creative in the kitchen.

Due to a collection of bills and piss ups recently I have had to adjust my usual lavish eating habbits and adjust to suit my latest outgoings, I don’t mind that as creating culinary majesty using stuff you have lying around the house is second nature to me.

Here is a dish I have been enjoying lately, I will keep the recipe simple for those of you not as skilled as yours truly.

  • Take two pieces of bread, white or brown, it really doesn’t matter. Place your slices in the toaster and leave to cook for 3-4 minutes until golden brown.
  • While you are waiting for your bread to cook take a can opener and find a portion of beans. Take a normal bowl, really anything you have lying around will do and fill the bowl with the beans. You really want to get an even spread across the bowl. You want the beans to soak in their natural juices to collect the flavor of its counterparts. Put your bowl into the microwave, really any microwave you have lying around the house will do and allow 4 minutes to cook.
  • Now remember that bread you had cooking in the toaster from earlier? Head back over there and remove it. Place on the countertop and grab some fatty butter. Grab a knive, really any knife you have lying around will do, I’m partial to a butter knife but it’s up to you, be creative. Garnish your cooked bread with lashings of butter, I mean really get it in there and leave to sit.
  • You now a free minute or two to think about your beverage, I find that tap water sautèed with mi wadi suits the flavor of the dish. Grab your mi-wadi bottle, really any mi wadi bottle you have lying around will do and find your self a pint glass. Head on over to your sink, turn the cold tap clockwise and fill the pint glass about 3/4s of the way up and dilute using the mi wadi to taste, it’s really that simple!
  • Next grab those beans from your microwave and take it to your now mouthwateringly tempting cooked and buttered bread. Call me crazy but I like to get a soup strainer and whip those beans out of the bowl, the extra sauce removed will not affect the overall flavour due to the work you did earlier by spreading the beans evenly across the bowl! Garnish the toast heavily with the beans and serve
  • 20120516-072143 p.m..jpg

    See, now you have created a tasty dish fit to serve the King of France. Fine dining need not be complicated my friend.

    Be Creative,
    Chef Steve


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    7 Responses to Steves Cookery Corner

    1. unknown says:

      steve you have not lived till you have until tried a grilled cheese and chipstick and burger sauce (super macs burger sauce only) sandwich with a pint of milk.With a box of USA assorted biscuits for afters.

    2. Connor D says:

      Save your domestic mastery for the bedroom you sensual beast….

    3. Connor D says:

      It cant be a weekly thing Steve, I mean let’s face it, theres only so many things you can add to beans on toast…fyi, melted milky bar instead of butter is a taste sensation and will give you the upper hand in your fight against your cholesterol

    4. Mark Sweeney says:

      Steve, this needs to be a weekly piece, the world needs to see what you can create, just grab the laptop …really any laptop you can find laying around the house will do and show us how to create!!

      • Haha cheers! I was thinking of making it weekly actually, now two people want it which means it is the most popular thing anybody has ever done! Hussah for the shopkeep!

    5. clive says:

      Hi Steve, like u im a genius in the kitchen and also this beans on toast you so creatively named it would be a special of mine to cook also, but this is where I belive I lead the pack(the kitchen pack that is….wink wink) oh wait sorry ;-);-) I some times just for a sexy wee treat to myself will sprinkle some grated cheese over the beans….woow oh yes… Belive mofo…that’s how I be rolling an such.

      • Clive, I have no idea who you are but you have blown my mind. Iv been thinking of adding a sprinkle of raspberry and McDonalds McFlurry to lubricate the whole meal but I didn’t have the courage. Now, in light of your creativity, I shall try all of the above peripheral foodstuffs and see how the dish digests. If you have any other fusion meals for chef Steve to try please feel free to let me know.

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