Carlos Tevez… R.I.P.

It is not often one person can send me into such a violent rage time after time but tonight Carlos Tevez has hit whole new levels of stupidity.

20120514-100838 p.m..jpg

How fucking stupid can a person possibly be? Now, I don’t feel the need to go into his back story as anybody who is reading this will know his suspect ways, its like employing a drunk you find in a bin to run your wine shop. For the people that don’t know who and what he is…you realised it was a football post and you skipped over it, that’s cool and I get that. If you did decide to read it not knowing who this walking timebomb is go to wiki and come back. To kill the time here is a picture of Milhouse tied to a goal to entertain the rest of us. Hurry back ya hear?!

20120514-101150 p.m..jpg

Ok we are back. Now, firstly I assume a fan just handed that to him and he was thick enough to hold it up but it doesn’t change the fact that he did it. Seriously, Carlos Tevez rejoicing in the success of a club he has repeatedly tried to leave by brandishing a sign (shaped as a tombstone) that reads “RIP Fergie”.

Man City won the title and as upset as I was yesterday concerning the WAY it happened I just have to accept that it has happened. No point bitching about their mega money ways and the cruel way we (united) lost it. However, Manchester City enjoyed neutral support the likes of which has never been seen yesterday. ABUs across the land laughed and loved every second of this and I honestly think that is pathetic but sher what can you do? But, if I have any faith in humanity I would like to think that people will be disgusted by this. What an absolute clown.

Secondly, the irony of the “RIP Fergie” sign is held in the fact that Carlos Tevez has likely endangered his own life by doing this. You see Mr.Tevez, there are people out there just as stupid as you and they will likely fancy tearing you limb from lim for doing this. Is that right? Hell no, nobody wants that, but you should never have put yourself in that position. Have you seen Die Hard 3 Mr.Tevez? Remember when John McClaine had to walk down the streets of Harlem wearing a sandwich board which read “I hate N*****s”…you have done something on par with that in the eyes of people as fucking mind numbingly stupid as you…the pissed of violent scumbag element of Manchester United support. I suspect you sir will be on the first flight back to Argentina in the morning to spend your summer (like this season) on the golf course. I would suggest you skip the derby at Old Trafford next season, you may not make it out alive. There are people that are as stupid as you but the key difference is that they will not take this well and will want your head for that stunt. Seriously, these idiots will go for you, what were you thinking. Talk about putting your own balls in a vice.

I honestly cannot believe he did that. Imagine if people in another sport did this? Think recent…like Brian O Driscoll, Henry Shefflin, Colm Cooper, Lar Corbett, Dwight Howard, Payton Manning and other (and it hurts me to compare this arse to those people but he was at one time carrying that joke of a club) inspirational leaders in a team trying this crap? They would be drummed out of the club and their careers would be in tatters…not in football. Football creates these “characters” and we have to put up with them. He is a fucking disgrace. Furthermore…imagine Steven Gerrard had held that sign up, he would need to find a new planet to live on, why is this any different?

Carlos Tevez = Class…remedial 4th class. Apologies to anybody outside of Ireland that won’t get that gag and apologies to people in remedial 4th class for comparing your intelligence to that of Carlos Tevez…at least you guys can colour in between the lines and count to six. Well done.

Tevez you silly silly, don’t you know skinheads are loco? Seriously, just grow up and spend your time counting your cash you fuckwit.

I propose Carlos Tevez v Joey Barton in a cage match with Mario Ballotelli as the guest referee at Wrestlemania in an “everybody is horribly injured and no longer allowed to be on Steves Tv match”, that would amuse me.

In fairness to Manchester City they lasted 27 hours as champions before a player ruined it on them and they had to apologise. They lasted one day. I really hope Vincent Kompany takes Tevez down a dark alley and beats the fuck out of him for ruining HIS hard work.

Fuck my life,


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