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Thank Giggs there’s so many radio stations here. If YouTube is a good indication of the music that’s mainstream here at the moment I would be going fucking insane if I had to listen to this shit all over again on the 40 mile trip to work every day…Cher Lloyd, One Direction, The Wanted, Ed Sheeran, Jessie J…All with the songs that were popular back in Ireland around November or so. My life would be like a really shit version of Groundhog Day and unlike that delightful Bill Murray I wouldn’t have any redeemable qualities.

It’s bad enough I’m guaranteed to hear the same shitty adverts over and over on the stations I do listen to. Flo from Progressive can suck by noodle, London jewelers, that one’s obviously aimed at people who have never been to London and think it’s a majestic place with only the finest things and thus only the best jewellery comes from there, not knowing it’s a dirty old grey place where you’re more likely to be asked if you want to buy some Cocaine rather than have a spot of tea.  There’s one for car insurance, the guy pronounces insurance phonetically IN-SURE-ANN-CE…”Tiffany, why don’t you have IN-SURE-ANN-CE? You’ve got the same car as me and I only buy 30 bucks a month, why not try calling them at blah blah”..”Wow, it sounds like I’ll save a lot, what was that number again?” I remember the ads so it’s obviously effective but jesus, there was a mass murder in South Phoenix today and I’d have to wonder if this kind of marketing had something to do with it!!

It’s probably a small price to pay though. I’ve heard bands on the radio here that I’ve never heard getting radio play back home before, well not a decent hour anyway. Crosby, Still, Nash and Young, Rush, Led Zeppelin, Thin Lizzy, The Doors, Jimi Hendrix. TV Ads have actually got better here I think. I use to think they were really stupid. But then again maybe they just got a lot more stupid at home and so they don’t seem so stupid to me here anymore.

News for all those who know me back home. I apparently do have an Irish accent, how about that eh? I’m catching shit from all sides for the way I pronounce words, words like garage, Addidas, bar, Carribean, Vitamins. Don’t worry, When they say I mispronounce things I hit back with the fact I don’t mispronounce anything, they are wrong and I am right, after all I have a far superior European education. I always wanted to play the snotty European.

I had some deeply philosophical thoughts today when I was flushing the Chipotle out my system. I’ve been working in IT for 5 years now and can actually claim and have been labelled by employers as an expert. So I was thinking, how about my boy Steve, surely if I’m an IT expert than he’s a video game expert, which he obviously is but would he have the brass balls to ever float that label around? is this whole notion of using the term expert in your line of work a product of corporate jobs..isn’t it kind of elitist and stupid. I won’t object if somebody wants to call me an expert but I’m not sure I’d go throwing the label around myself too much.

I was also thinking. When I started working originally when I was 12 until I was about 15 I was a shit worker. I was disinterested and wanted to do anything else, to be fair I was too young to work anyway at that age but then when I was 15 I can remember mouthing off and complaining again about having to work and my usually mild mannered mother told me to shut up that nobody likes their job and I better get use to it because I’ve got a lot of years left of hating what I do. I know people who’s world would probably fall apart at that notion. For me it was actually liberating and I think it made me a better worker. I was a lot more focused on doing a good job and just getting on with things and making the best of a bad situation. after knowing it wasn’t just me. Whenever I floated the concept that you don’t have to like your job to some people, I was told you need to, because it’s such a big part of life and you should find something different if you don’t love it. I think when those people or even IF those people that reacted that way ever do get work in what they want to do they are in for a harsh lesson when 2 or 3 years into the work they realize what they love has just become a job. I got over it at a young age so I get on with it and make the most of it at this stage. Cypress Hill mention it in a song, they are rappers, famous and rich but what they love just became a job one day. When you have to do something and be somewhere at a certain time and do it to a certain quality every time…it’s a job.


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