100 Day Challenge

I just counted. I have now gone 73 days without alcohol. My last drink was back in Ireland before I left in February, now a lot of the Irish readers have probably dropped their pint in disgust to this revelation and I’m pretty suprised myself. I had already gone 2 weeks without by the time I found an apartment, once I got the apartment though I went to Wal-Mart and bought groceries including 12 cans of Bud Light with Lime. I’ve never had it before and my boy Zack Ryder loves the stuff so that’s good enough for me but I told myself I had to wait until I got all my shit sorted before taking a bit of drink. It would taste better because I would have earned it and I could afford to loosen up too I thought.


Due to bad financial planning on my part I have been pretty strapped for cash since moving here and so I’ve never felt as though I could relax. There’s light at the end of that tunnel just ahead of me now, so I’m faced with a dilemma. I’ve gone so long without drink now. Do I start again or not!? My health has improved without it, I’m a bit leaner and have less aches and pains, I also have a bit more energy. So do I ever drink again? I’ve gone months without it before but before coming over to America I had gone out drinking with my boy Steve every weekend for about 3 months straight. My work colleagues have been trying to tempt me into drinking the last couple of weeks but so far I’ve remained steadfast but do I continue? I decided I’m going to set myself a 100 day challenge. Which by my shitty math skills sets the goal for the 29th of May. It’s made me think, instead of people going on a 24 hour fast for charity in Ireland , why not go a month or two without booze instead. I’d be a lot more impressed by it! If The Wanted start start getting radio play over here on top of those One Direction lads, It could turn me to drink before the 100 days is up…if Jedward make it over here I’ll just give up on life and move to a cabin in the woods I think.



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