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Jedward : Behind the Music 2022

Jedward, at one point, the biggest act in the world. Beloved by children across the land, respected by Simon Cowell and with a bank balance that would make Mr.Burns blush…Jedward had it all. Back to back Eurovision Song Contest appearances … Continue reading

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NBA Jam: On Fire Edition Review

NBA Jam. In this sexy humble mans opinion…the greatest game of all time. I can trace my love for this game back to when I was playing Sonic The Hedgehog, Bomberman, Road Rage, Comix Zone, Altered Beast and Streets of … Continue reading

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The Morning Noise Parade

Living in the city centre of galway has it’s many advantages but it can be very noisy at night. Mainly to drunken idiots and our old friends the dumbass element of Galways student population who seem compelled to kick over … Continue reading

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Song of the Day

Figured I’d go a different way with this one. 2 years ago or so I went to a gig to see a band I knew of called the Guggenheim Grotto. They were playing warm up for a lady I never … Continue reading

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Today I woke up to the news that my grand uncle back in Headford had just died. It wasn’t untimely in the sense he was quite old and had lead a full life but he had such a rapid descent … Continue reading

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Xbox 360 vs Steve

I am now 100% sure that my Xbox is out to destroy me. I was enjoying my day off with a gentlemans game of NBA Jam, the greatest game of all time, when DISASTER struck!!! It’s too painful to describe, … Continue reading

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Drink Culture

I went on Twitter this morning and saw a tweet for a big wig in the IT world who had travelled to Ireland for a holiday. He just got to Dublin after spending a few days in Kilkenny. He posted … Continue reading

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