Song of the Month

Right. It’s not often I immediately love a song but this just belted me in the face.

An Irish band that will never get mainstream radio play because they are too busy playing Rihanna and Lady Gaga. That makes me sick to my stomach but we have been over that before.

I’m calling it here lads and ladies. Song of the month.

Kopek with Love is dead. It’s a great screamer with a solid vocal. I love nothing more than a really good male straining vocal!

The problem with the video I’m posting is this, and I’m not taking the piss here, the blonde whore falling around the video kind of ruins it. The song is good enough as it is…no need for the girl in her knickers lads. Just ignore her and enjoy the music. I tried to find a YouTube clip without her with good quality sound but it doesn’t exist. It’s a cringe fest because of her but pay no heed.

So here we go…Kopek with “Love is Dead” Put good headphones on and if you have an “11” level…do that. The sound production is fantastic. Turn this up!!! Simplistic yet brilliant.

Enjoy, and you’re welcome,


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