Rory on religion

Actually wrote this weeks ago but never published it.

Today while I was committing a hate crime on my heart by having  some extra crispy KFC, I over heard an elderly couple talking about how great god is. It made me remember something I witnessed just before I left Galway. There were two guys on Shop St with bibles trying to preach to people, they weren’t getting in anyones way or being in any way aggressive, they were just preaching. Didn’t force anybody to stay and listen but some guy felt the need to stand beside them and shout contradictory things over them about what the church has been responsible for, that religion has caused wars etc. and it made me start tothink today because I found their discussion kind of humorous, just because it was so full on. So I reflected and thought well I don’t agree with them but I’d never be like that asshole on Shop St who shouted over those people. He was just as entitled to preach about his beliefs but the fact he was doing it over those two guys kind of annoyed me. He was being intimidating and there was no need for it. And I’d dare say narrow minded.

I’m not religious and I’m not even really spiritual in any way. I think the Vatican has a lot to answer for on the peado priests debacle and with some other things they’ve been less than honorable in, but that’s not reflective of everybody that has faith. I was in The Skeff before in Galway and overheard a bible discussion group with one lady claiming that God must have a reason for letting all those poor kids starving in Africa die like he does but he must have his reasons, she was saying this to an African lady! I couldn’t believe it, how could somebody say something like that but you know what I’ve come to believe, fuck it, we all only have one life to live and if people feel better having faith then why the hell not, most people who do are actually better human beings for it anyway. I will not begrudge religious people of their beliefs. Live and let live.

Also I don’t believe religion is the reason for conflicts and wars. It may be a catalyst but if it wasn’t religion it would be other differences. People are fucking assholes and it’s human nature to fight. It would be great if mankind got to the point where we were all able to co-exist but it’s not going to happen. That’s just my take on the whole thing.

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