Greatest HashTag Ever

I’m sure our legions of fans on here are mostly on twitter and understand what hashtags are but for the benefit of the others here goes.

A hashtag is a thing you put on the end of a tweet to group in to a conversation and throw in your two cents…for example “The City Fathers are sooooo great #Iwanttheirbodies.” Your contribution will be put into the conversation and put around the world for all to enjoy, the system works.

Tonight is one of those nights where I realise that I love twitter. The match was a terrible example of football but twitter was hopping. I thought that would be the end of it until after the match and the Geoff Shreeves incident which had led to my all time favorite hashtag… #GeoffShreevesPutDowns. Il post a few here but you really need to get on this! The following are a few of the contributions.

Fernando, great goal tonight but you were already through to the final so it wasn’t very important. Does that annoy you?

I’m here with Shawn Wright Phillips. Shawn great goal tonight but does it upset you that you are adopted?

Simba, any thoughts on your fathers death?

Bambi, great shot at the end wasn’t it?

Branislav, you’ve missed the final. But we just had word that your dog was killed on the M6 tonight. Does that make it better or worse?

I’m here with everybody that has never seen the Sixth Sense. So Bruce Willis was dead the whole time, your thoughts?

I’m here with Theo Walcott. Theo, is it true Arsene Wenger touches you?

I’m here with Wayne Bridge, Wayne is it true your missus finds you boring in bed after John Terry?

I’m here with Dirk Kuyt, Dirk you’ve won the game late on but you are an ugly cunt, does that take the victory away somewhat?

So Andy…that little girl you gave all of your toys to has traded them in to a cash for gold shop…does that cheapen your childhood?

Brad, why did you tell Morgan Freeman to open the box when he knew it was your wifes head inside? You realise that the very crime you were trying to stop was completed by you…does that keep you awake at night?

Jamie Carragher, you score a lot of own goals. Is your inner scouser child horribly depressed that your liverpool goal stats are massively negative? When are you retiring?

Get on this now twitter people! #GeoffShreevesPutDowns

You’re welcome,


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We sit around all day stroking our beards, clucking our tongues and discussing what's to be done with this Homer Simpson
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