Geoff Shreeves : Prick of the Week

It has been awhile since I have awarded somebody the prestigious City Father Prick of the Week Award but sometimes the world forces your hand. Geoff Shreeves you’ve had this coming to you for awhile.

So let me set the scene. In what can only be described as the worst example of the sport ever witnessed since FIFA 2003, Chelsea beat Barcelona in tonights UEFA Champions League semi final. Chelsea in fairness didn’t really have much choice other than sitting back but Barcelona once again prove themselves to be the most boring team on the planet.

Barcelona needed to score a goal…just one little goal to make the final but what did they do? The usual Barcelona/Spain bullshit… Tapa Tapa Tapa. I’m open to correction on this but I can only remember them taking 5 shots in the second half…the rest was just tapping the ball around until Chelsea stopped them or a free was given. The first time they took a shot in anger in the second half it took heroics from Peter Cech to stop it…hmmm. Still it won’t matter, Madrid or Bayern will destroy them in the final! Barca played into their hands. “Hey lads, let’s just pass the ball until they fall asleep and then give it to Messi”

Anyway moving on. So Chelsea go through but 5 players are suspended for the final due to a red card for “Brave” England Lion John Terry and accumulated yellows for 4 other players…one of which was unaware of the fact he would miss the final…que Sky Sports Geoff Shreeves to break the bad news.

Words cannot describe how awful that interview is. Now, it’s no secret I hate Chelsea with a burning passion but I can’t help feeling bad for poor aul Ivanovic after watching that. Geoff Shreeves told him he would miss the final (and not get a medal should they win) not only once but twice on global television…live. It’s just wrong! Look at his little face drop…

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