Water Charges in Ireland

So because it’s too fuckin’ hot to go outside here I decided to blog a bit more. This week I was reading that the government wants to charge each house owner for installation of the water meters. Did they plan this all along, surely they would know what kind of a shit storm this would create. I’m actually for the water charges themselves, I think the water should be relatively safe for people to use in return for the fees being charged. No more lead pipes please! If there’s something like Cryptosperidium again, will people have to pay for their water? That would seem a bit unfair! I find it pretty crazy that they announced the water charges ages ago and only now suggest charging for the meters. This lot of fuckers seem to be as bad as the last crowd, Ireland needs a complete overhaul. It reminded me of a picture I put on Facebook before I left. I was feeling sad about leaving so decided each day before I got my plane out of there, so I’d post a Facebook status every day with incentives to leave to make myself less nostalgic and sad. This picture was part of one of these. Take a look.

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