Thin Lizzy Kid

So picture this…me. You are welcome.

Anyway moving on! I was working away in the shop today when I spotted a guy of about 14-15 standing beside me browsing. What caught my eye was that he was wearing a Thin Lizzy t-shirt. Lizzy are my favorite band so I immediately wanted to high five this guy but I was busy.

A couple of minutes later a few other lads landed in and they must be in his class in school or something because they knew him. This is the conversation that followed between them.

Idiot – “Where are you going with that T-Shirt on ya?”

Thin Lizzy guy – “Where are you going dressed like one direction, a band for 5 year old girls!

I laughed and high fived the guy on front of those idiots which really pissed them off. That young fella is now a hero in my eyes!

So for song of the day it’s gotta be a Lizzy tune. For the rocker, The Rocker.

Death to One Direction,


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