Getting out of work : A Gentlemans guide

I was talking to a few friends the other day and somebody brought up a story that they pulled in a previous job to get the day off when they were hungover. It was funny and all that but that was until one guy came up with the best idea I have ever heard to get a day off.

Essentially this is the idea. You call up work (well in advance of your shift starting because that’s how one rolls) and tell this story. I laughed at first but the more I think about it…it could actually work.

20120417-014210 a.m..jpg

Hi boss, I won’t be able to come in to work today. No, I’m not sick or anything…I am in love. I met this girl last night and I’m in bed with her now. She is so great and absolutely gorgeous. I cannot get out of bed because I want to spend every waking moment with her. You can fire me if you want but there is no way I’m coming in. I am in love.

I honestly think that is worth trying for the laugh! If anybody wants to be a guinea pig for us and try it out that would be great. I want to test this guys theory but i will never get away with it because nobody will ever believe anybody would spend two minutes with me let alone a night…it’s the abrasive personality and intense sexual magnetism you see, it confuses the ladies.

I have spoken,


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One Response to Getting out of work : A Gentlemans guide

  1. clive says:

    Steve I will to be ur guy. I will try this not because im a rebel but because I leave soon….let’s do this bro. Ps I believe a night with you would be outstanding. Thats not a guess but a facted as I was chatting to a girl who spent the with you few weeks back,I wont name names dude but only good things to say,so next time time we hangout I want tips bro.

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