Quitting Smoking

Recently iv been looking at my wallet and wondering why the hell I smoke. I have cut down massively over the last few weeks and oddly enough I would smoke more at work than at home or while out. So basically it won’t take a lot for me to give up completely so “screw it” I said, let’s quit! That was Sunday night and Monday just gone was to be my first day off the things.

I have never tried to quit properly before so I decided to document my ordeal for the sick pleasure of you fine people, this is how the first week went.

20120412-073256 p.m..jpg


I woke up feeling very positive about my new idea until I went to work and had a cigarette soon afterward due to the crazy crazy nature of my job. Iv been smoking as normal ever since.

Well that’s my story. People say that “smokers are jokers” and that may be so…but we aint quitters!

I believe it was the great philosopher Homer Simpson that once remarked “Trying is the first step towards failure” and I finally understand that now.

I’m going to try again this Monday and hopefully make it further than 9am that day! Wish me luck.

You’re welcome,


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We sit around all day stroking our beards, clucking our tongues and discussing what's to be done with this Homer Simpson
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