Ireland, What’s the Deal Yo!?

So I got home this evening and did my usual of catching up on the Irish news. I will always be Irish and hopefully I’ll have a continued interest in the goings on over there. Even if I never return to live there. I love Ireland but it’s become more and more clear to me that the country operates with a thin veil of BS. It’s truly a country of contradictions, you’ve got Tourism Ireland spending out the ass trying to advertise the country and staging events like the Volvo Ocean Race to encourage tourism, then you’ve got the Galway city council putting up a statue of a murderer in Salthill which has nothing to do with Galway in fairness. If Che Guevera was a tourist who showed up tomorrow in Galway claiming to Irish he’d be told where to go.

Then we get to this strange phenomenon where you’ve got tourists who come over to Ireland to trace their roots, if they claim to be Irish they are told to get fucked. Yet we’ll gladly claim Obama, Ali and Guevera. It’s pathetic. You can’t have both! Or at least you can’t have both and be seen as rational.

There was a story today about 700k people in Ireland living in poverty with the average household disposable income being 210 euros a week.  I don’t get that, if there was two people in a household and both were on the dole it would be more than that, if one was working and one was on the dole it would be even more surely. What is going on? Unless the stats are complete BS to make the case for increased taxes which by the way the story suggested as the solution. Those assholes in power want to create jobs and get people spending again yet their solution is to give more to people who don’t work to do this? There’s only so far that will get you. Lower the taxes if anything and allow the people that are working the luxury of more money for their efforts and they’ll be more likely to spend. I just don’t get it! It’s just assumed upping the taxes is the only way because people MUST live a high standard of living.

The next delightful story I saw was that there were 1500 teachers in Ireland making between 85-115k a year. Not a contradication, I just found it pretty fucked up. But Teachers are so important and they work so harrrrrrrd. My ass! Anybody that says that had a parent who is or was a teacher or somebody who wants to be one themselves. Next was the story. Next story was about Enterprise Europe holding a free conference in Galway. Come On! Galway is the grave yard of ambition, great choice. My former employers are involved, which I think is ill fated but whatever, they try to seem active, I get that. I just wouldn’t align myself with NUIG, GMIT and Enterprise Ireland. Three bloated factions that have long ago lost their shine. Talk about a case of the blind lead the blind but then bullshit has always been a strong point for Irish success. In my opinion, the only things these three are good at is playing hide, spend and wasting the money. I don’t trust any of them. Anyway, thats my venting.

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2 Responses to Ireland, What’s the Deal Yo!?

  1. Neal says:

    1. A lot of people are paying mortgages, bills, sending kids to school, running 2 cars! That’s not counted as disposable income. Try paying for that on €376 a week. How many jobs will lowering taxes create. Yuppies like myself will spend the money on consumer Apple products and starbucks! Where is that money going? 90% straight out of the country!
    2. Are we really that rude to tourists? Irish people are noted for being very helpful when stopped on the street by tourists looking for directions!
    3. Teachers deserve to be paid well, its a crap job but its very important for the future of the country. The problem is that all teachers are paid the same regardless of performance. I mean come on. Would you actually like to be a teacher? Its top of the list of jobs I never want to do!

    • Why are they running 2 cars if they are that poor? Sell one of them, 376 a week? Ya can get 267 each a week during the winter on the dole with heat allowance plus the weekly plus the extra for doing a FAS course.

      Apple and Starbucks are paying their corporate tax and employing Irish people. So it’s not that bad. You obviously enjoy their products and that’s not a crime, you shouldn’t feel bad about it. If there’s an Irish product of equal or better quality, I’d bet you’d buy them.
      I’ve thought about the teaching thing for when I’m getting closer to retirement age. Right now I value the challenge of progressing in a job over the chance of a 3 month holiday. But it would be cool when I’m into my mid 50’s or whatever. Right now, not on your life would I do it.
      On the being rude to tourists, There’s been a few negative reviews by French tourists and English tourists alright. Also just remember the two American girls crying in Eyre Square because they got started on because of their accents. I don’t get it, I always liked having tourists around Galway. The Volvo Ocean race the first time around was deadly. Unfortunately I bet this year a lot more people from around Ireland will come into town for it and it will just become like the Galway races.

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