Song of the Day: Seasick Steve – St. Louis Slim

This guy just kicks ass. He’s one of the best live musicians I’ve ever seen and I’ve been to see two bands who have been both named the best live acts. Red Hot Chilli Peppers and The Who. He is 71 years old and has so much energy on stage, it’s amazing.His Drummer looks like an animal. Steves story is that he left home when he was 14 due to an abusive step father, he lived it rough on the streets going from city to city in search of work and get arrested to vagrancy. He worked his way up and became a music producer, he didn’t really try his own hand at making it until he was 67. His first solo album got him Best Newcomer at the Brit Awards, oldest newcomer in it’s history. The guy is just amazing. His music is unique and he’s such a nice humble guy.


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