Feminism Gone Wrong

So for some reason I put on the music channels a lot when working on the laptop, I think it’s because I don’t listen or watch it, I just want the background noise and it can’t be something that would interest me, because I won’t concentrate on what I want to do. I found myself yesterday doing work on my laptop with the tv on a music channel on mute.A Lady GaGa video came on. I’ve started to notice a trend. Most men who are in these songs and/or just the video tend to just be bragging about themselves and degrading the woman or are completely infatuated with the woman, with the woman usually teasing them and walking away with a bitch look on their face. But what’s more disturbing, is the women. I get that Sex and the City was embraced as some sort of strike back for women. That no longer will we be held back by being told we have to act like ladies and be dignified. Women essentially have become lads or ladettes these days. Not all but a lot. And it’s evident in these music videos, they are basically soft porn without a cock or sex toy. The amount of gyrating is unbelievable. I don’t think I’m a prude but if I had a kid, I would lock the music channels at home. This stuff is fucked up!

Now correct me if I’m wrong ladies, maybe it’s because I’m a guy that I don’t see it the same. But how many guys sing about how good they are in bed? There was something called Fierce Females just on with a bunch of womens music videos all of them were bragging about how they could go! 😛 I’m trying to think of mens songs that are like that but the only one’s that come to mind were songs that were popular for the novelty factor of actually being that taboo. Like Nine Inch Nails: Closer, 50-Cent: Candy Shop, Peter Gabriel: Sledgehammer. And even then, that’s all I can think of and that’s 3 songs that are each pretty much 10 years apart from each other.

All of the women in the videos are either showing off their mid riffs or wearing some fucked up one piece to show off all of their legs or both. I don’t really get it. Guys aren’t buying their music, so why do they whore it up in their music videos? Do women like it because they’d like to undress and act like whores and look up to them for doing it?  The women that being made famous and successful are Rihanna, Katy Perry, Lady GaGa etc. And their only talent is being able to lip sync and hump the air pretty good. Are these women you want to represent your generation. Who the fuck is this Neon Hitch chick? Even as an artist, imagine deciding to have your first song released be Fuck you better or I kissed a girl…you are setting a precedent about your character right away. Do these women have no shame?

Again I might be harsh here too, I don’t know. Everything I dislike in pop culture at the moment I feel is a direct result of women, it’s not guys getting their kids into this stuff or watching or paying for it!: One Direction, Twilight, Jedward, Rihanna, X-Factor, Jersey Shore. I think even lads (I say lads because I think actual men do what’s comfortable for them, not what will get them laid) style at the moment, the whole metro sexual thing is driven by women. I don’t think lads go with a look that women won’t like. The fact so many guys did the whole Vampire crap makes me pretty fk’in depressed. But I guess historically men were hunter gatherers to provide for the the hairy unibrow lady back in the cave! This is a Mans World!? I don’t think so…

Ok, I’m getting angry now as Rihana You Da One just came on. The woman is literally grabbing her crotch and gyrating it. What is it that women see in this whore? Is it because her music is so great!? Give me a break. There’s so many great female musicians that are held back because these assholes are the one’s that get played and bought. Fuck your sexual empowerment, I always grew up thinking women were the better sex, guys always did stupid shit and carried themselves like a bunch of clowns. Whilst on the flip side, my mother was a very strong female figure in my life, she worked very hard and was solid as rock when things were falling down around her. Now, it just seems like women think equality is doing exactly what guys do because that’s what guys do and they are just as good as guys. Guys were never good ladies, why would you want to do what guys do? We are fuckin assholes. How many of you that do act like lads have fun doing it?…how many of you do it because it’s the in thing to do but you feel like an asshole afterwards but in your mind cast aside the doubts thinking, I shouldn’t feel bad because this is equality. Real men don’t act like lads and in my opinion real women don’t act like lads either.

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