Prick of the week 9!

That’s right, its back. I had to shelve this feature a few weeks ago because I found myself actively seeking people to piss me off but luckily this week I didn’t have to look far.

We have been having spectacular weather the last few days here in Galway and I have been stuck indoors at work. That, however, is not what is pissing me off. I have to work and that’s fine, shit happens, if I miss a few sunny days so be it. Life goes on for me… but not for the weather obsessed folk.

“It’s lovely outside isn’t it?”
“Ahh it’s a scorcher out there”
“Isn’t it great to have the weather”
“It’s promised fine for the week”

Every single person that talks to me at work says something along those lines, all day, every single person. This makes them pricks for two reasons.

1. Having to listen to that all day long makes me suicidal.

2. I am stuck in a poorly air conditioned dream stealing tomb of injustice while you swan around town spending MY TAX MONEY on ice cream you lazy dole grabbing cunts! Benefits indeed…

Now, when I’m at work I cant see what it’s like outside and I am regularly blissfully unaware of the conditions unless I go downstairs. There could be a monsoon outside and I wouldn’t know nor would I care so please stop telling me about it and go find somebody else to assault with your presence.

My mood is not affected by the weather, rain or shine. My mood is affected by people who never shut up about the weather. They seem unaware of my growing frustration with the conversation and unaware of the fact that I tune out when they talk about the fine weather. While they ramble on wearing sunglasses indoors I am actually picturing pints of beer dancing in a beer garden as triumphant circus music plays in the background.

So you sir, yes you. The one that spends the fine days wrecking peoples heads about the weather while they are stuck indoors are the Prick of the Week. Congratulations fuckjaw…SHUT UP ABOUT THE WEATHER, I DON’T CARE!!!

You’re welcome,

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We sit around all day stroking our beards, clucking our tongues and discussing what's to be done with this Homer Simpson
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